The final two matchdays of the UEFA Nations League get underway on September 22 2022 as the groups have begun to take shape in the respective Leagues A, B, C, and D.

With the FIFA World Cup just three months away, the teams in Leagues B, C, and D will have one eye on the spotlight event while giving it their all to get promoted to the higher tiers whereas League A nations will look to progress to the knockout stages.

As things stand in League A, World no. 4 France fear demotion to League B of the UEFA Nations League after a winless campaign so far. They have lost and drawn two apiece and hence their chances of progressing to the knockout stages are over.

England fear facing a similar fate if results don’t improve. They have an identical record as that of France with two wins and two losses. However, they can still make it to the knockout stages if they win their remaining two fixtures and other results in their group go in their favour.

As far as League B is concerned, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Norway are favorites from their respective groups to get promoted to League A for next year’s competition as they top their groups at the end of match week four. In group 2, after Russia’s ban from the competition, it is a two-way race between Israel and Iceland with the former tipped to come out on top. 

In League C and League D, only Greece have cemented their place in next year’s UEFA Nations League B. The two upcoming matches will give a final shape to the group standings.

UEFA Nations League 2022-23 matchday 5 and 6 fixtures and live India match times

All timings are in Indian Standard Time (IST).

Day and Date Match Group Time
Thursday, September 22 Scotland vs Ukraine  B1 12:15 AM
Kazakhstan vs Belarus C3 7:30 PM
Latvia vs Moldova D1 9:30 PM
Friday, September 23 Croatia vs Denmark A1 12:15 AM
France vs Austria A1 12:15 AM
Belgium vs Wales A4 12:15 AM
Poland vs Netherlands A4 12:15 AM
Lithuania vs Faroe Islands C1 12:15 AM
Turkiye vs Luxembourg C1 12:15 AM
Slovakia vs Azerbaijan C3 12:15 AM
Liechtenstein vs Andorra D1 12:15 AM
Georgia vs North Macedonia C4 9:30 PM
Saturday, September 24 Germany vs Hungary A3 12:15 AM
Italy vs England A3  12:15 AM
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Montenegro   B3 12:15 AM
 Finland vs Romania  B3  12:15 AM
 Bulgaria vs Gibraltar C4  12:15 AM
Estonia vs Malta D2 12:15 AM
Armenia vs Ukraine B1 6:30 PM
Slovenia vs Norway B4 9:30 PM
Northern Ireland vs Kosovo C2 9:30 PM
Sunday, September 25 Czech Republic vs Portugal A2 12:15 AM
Spain vs Switzerland A2 12:15 AM
Scotland vs Ireland B1 12:15 AM
Israel vs Albania B2 12:15 AM
Serbia vs Sweden B4 12:15 AM
Cyprus vs Greece C2 12:15 AM
Andorra vs Latvia D1 6:30 PM
Moldova vs Liechtenstein D1 6:30 PM
Azerbaijan vs Kazakhstan C3 9:30 PM
Slovakia vs Belarus C3 9:30 PM
Monday, September 26 Austria vs Croatia A1 12:15 AM
Denmark vs France A1 12:15 AM
Netherlands vs Belgium A4 12:15 AM
Wales vs Poland A4 12:15 AM
Faroe Islands vs Turkiye C1 12:15 AM
Luxembourg vs Lithuania C1 12:15 AM
Tuesday, September 27 England vs Germany A3 12:15 AM
Hungary vs Italy A3 12:15 AM
Montenegro vs Finland B3 12:15 AM
Romania vs Bosnia and Herzegovina B3 12:15 AM
Gibraltar vs Georgia C4 12:15 AM
North Macedonia vs Bulgaria C4 12:15 AM
San Marino vs Estonia D2 12:15 AM
Wednesday, September 28 Portugal vs Spain A2 12:15 AM
Switzerland vs Czech Republic A2 12:15 AM
Ireland vs Armenia B1 12:15 AM
Ukraine vs Scotland B1 12:15 AM
Albania vs Iceland B2 12:15 AM
Norway vs Serbia B4 12:15 AM
Sweden vs Slovenia B4 12:15 AM
Greece vs Northern Ireland C2 12:15 AM
Kosovo vs Cyprus C2 12:15 AM

Where to watch UEFA Nations League 2022-23 matchday 5 and 6 matches live in India?

UEFA Nations League 2022-23 matchday 5 and 6 matches will be telecast live across Sony Network and their corresponding HD TV channels in India.

Live streaming of UEFA Nations League 2022-23 in India will be available on SonyLIV and JioTV.

UEFA Nations League 2022-23 groups and teams (updated)

League A

Group A1: France, Denmark, Croatia, Austria

Group A2: Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic

Group A3: Italy, Germany, England, Hungary

Group A4: Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Wales

League B

Group B1: Ukraine, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Armenia

Group B2: Iceland, Israel, Albania

Group B3: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Romania, Montenegro

Group B4: Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia

League C

Group C1: Turkey, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Faroe Islands

Group C2: Northern Ireland, Greece, Kosovo, Cyprus

Group C3: Slovakia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan

Group C4: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar

League D

Group D1: Liechtenstein, Moldova, Andorra, Latvia

Group D2: Malta, Estonia, San Marino


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Featured photo: Paul ELLIS / AFP