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Online Football Betting in India - 2023 Top 5 Bonuses

Sports betting has developed leaps and bounds in India in recent years. The ease of online betting has encouraged an ever-growing number of punters to put their sporting interests to the test.

Football has gained immense popularity in India since the inception of the Indian Super League. It has in turn increased the tally of football bettors in India. While online sports betting sites offer the flexibility of remote betting, great odds and fulfilling rewards, the punters are able to get their money’s worth.

The increasing connection of the game with the Indian fans has also made it easier for betting sites to attract players. The array of bet markets, including both team and player-based results, provide punters with the opportunity to convert their knowledge into rewards.

How To Bet On Football In India

It is important for punters, especially the new ones, to understand the process of making online bets. Considering the growth of football betting in India, online sites accept Indian currency and offer an easy registration process to the users.

Looking to register with an online betting platform and start football betting? Here is our guide to help you in the process.

  • Register at Football Betting Site
  • Step 1 is to register an account with a trusted football betting site.

    Our #1 recommendation is, because they offer anonymity to their players and accept the highest limits in both sports betting and casino games. However this brand isn't for everyone. If you're looking for free spins and welcome bonuses, then scroll further down the list. is known for their award-winning VIP program and private luxury events - This brand is best for high rollers.

    One of the Premier Leagues top clubs, Arsenal, are the official partners of Meanwhile, Brett Lee is the brand ambassador for and often attends VIP events.

    #2 choice for Indian players is Fun88, an online sportsbook and casino who are a well-proven entity. They have a variety of sports betting options and entertaining casinos too, giving them an edge in the market. Fun88 is global partners with Newcastle United FC, the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Tottenham Hotspur FC. The bookmaker also has some enticing bonuses available, especially for new users.

    Parimatch is our #3 choice for Indian players. The array of football leagues on offer and best-in-class odds make the bookmaker stand out from its counterparts. Premier League’s Everton and Leicester City are two notable partners of the bookmaker. While Parimatch’s welcome bonus offer remains lucrative, the tournament-specific offers are also rewarding.

    1xBet is the #4 choice for football punters in India. It is a well reputed brand in the industry and has a wide selection of football betting options. However, it ease of online payments gives added flexibility to the users.

    West Indies cricket legend Kieron Pollard is the brand ambassador of 1xBet. The bookmaker is also partnered with FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and LOSC Lille. A welcome package of up to INR 1,30,000 offered by 1xBet is one of the best in the market.

    Fairplay, an emerging online bookmaker in India, is the #5 choice for Indian football punters. The mix of regional, domestic and international football tournaments on offer to bet on for the users makes it an exciting betting destination.

    Former England captain Eoin Morgan and South African legend AB de Villiers are among the brand ambassadors of Fairplay. While the bookmaker offers handsome bonuses, checkout the 300% welcome bonus offer.

    Meanwhile, these bookmakers also have other sports gambling options in cricket, tennis, basketball, American football etc.

  • Account
  • The first step for punters to engage in online football betting in India with any bookmaker is to register on the site. The registration process on most betting sites is simple, having a seamless process.

    Bettors can register with an online betting website using their email ids or mobile numbers. Some bookmakers require identity verification via government documents. However, the process remains easy on most websites and punters can start online football betting in India in a matter of minutes.

    After registration, the users get an user id and password which they can use to access their betting account with that bookmaker.

  • Deposit
  • Making deposits with any online sports betting site in India is safe, thanks to the data encryption technology used by the bookmakers. It allows punters to bet with real money, while having a hassle-free experience.

    Transactions with online football betting sites in India can be made using Indian Rupee. The bookmakers have various modes of payments. It ensures flexibility for the users.

    Internet banking, UPI (United Payments Interface), credit or debit cards and cryptocurrency are some popular payment methods with bookmakers. Bitcoin, Dodgecoin, Litecoin etc are cryptocurrencies accepted for online football betting in India.

  • Bet
  • Punters prefer betting on their favourite football teams. However, it is safer to wager on a team or player or outcome which has a higher winning probability. Lower odds offer better chances of a return. But higher odds provide greater returns to punters, if successful.

    Punters can choose the match or tournament they want to bet on. After choosing their choice of bet market, a wager can be made from the money deposited in the account with the bookmaker.

Bet On Football Leagues

Online football betting sites allow punters to bet on all major football leagues in the world, including all kinds of markets like 1x1, top goal-scorer, first to score, asian handicap etc. The bookmakers also offer attractive odds for betting on international football, which includes the European Cup and the Soccer World Cup.

The amazing selection of global football offerings for Indian bettors is very appealing. Punters can bet on football leagues for the top footballing countries like England, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal along with leagues from India.

Some of the popular football leagues among Indian fans include:

  • I-League
  • Indian Super League
  • World Cup
  • EPL
  • La Liga
  • Serie A

Teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are massively popular among Indian football fans. Top football betting sites in India allow their users to bet on these teams across multiple bet markets.

Types of Football Betting

There are a variety of online football betting options for punters in India. Match betting i.e. betting on a team’s win, loss or draw remains the main bet market. Asian handicap, over/under etc. are other popular markets for punters to bet on.

Bookmakers also allow punters to bet on a diverse range of secondary bet markets. Special props are one of the most exciting betting options available. Player-based or goal-based prop bets have been introduced with rewarding odds by online sportsbooks to increase the chances of winning.

Online Football Bets

Football betting enthusiasts in India have diverse bet markets to choose from to hedge their bets. The uniqueness and exciting nature of these different bet markets promote a highly rewarding experience for the punters.

Let us have a look at the popular football bet markets in India

  • Match Betting
  • Match betting is a football bet market wherein the punter hinges his or her bet on a team winning or earning a draw from the match. There are three possibilities in a match result - home win, away win and draw. The punter can wager on any of the three outcomes.

    For example, in a Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool, the punter can be on a Man United win, draw or Liverpool win. If the bet turns out to be correct, the punter will be rewarded according to the odds bet on.

  • Outright Betting
  • An outright bet is a bet placed on the outcome of an entire league, competition or tournament instead of the match result of a single game.

    This bet market is long-term and rewards users for betting on the collective outcome in the future. Outright betting usually begins at the start of a particular league or tournament. It ranges from definitive to group betting.

    At the start of the Premier League season, if a Punter bets on Arsenal winning the title, the outcome of the bet would only be decided after all 38 matches of the competition have been played.

    Similarly, a user can wager on a team to be relegated, finish in the top/bottom 3 among other bets.

  • In-play Betting
  • In-play betting is another exciting bet market for the punters in online football betting. It is a bet that is wagered between the start and end of a particular match. Many bookmakers also refer to it as ‘live betting’.

    This bet market allows the punter to assess the position of the teams and players in the match before wagering. In-play betting also offers better odds compared to pre-match odds.

    Consider, Juventus are playing AC Milan and the scoreline is 1-0 in favour of Juventus in the 26th minute. A bet on AC Milan at that moment, instead of the start, will get better odds. Bet markets will be available to the punter based on the match situation.

  • Handicap Bets
  • Handicap betting is used in football to even the contest when one among the two teams is considered favorites. These bet markets apply a ‘+’ or ‘-’ goal handicap to each side. While the favourite gets a negative handicap, the underdog gets a positive.

    For example, if the odds are in favour of Manchester City to beat Nottingham Forest, the bookmaker might give Forest a perceived 2-0 advantage. The punter bets on a Man City win.

    In that case, if Man City win the game 1-0, the effective bet is still in favour of Forest and the bet is lost. They would have to beat Forest by a three-goal margin to ensure that the bet is won by the punter.

  • Over/Under Bets
  • Over/Under bets are also called Total bets. This bet market works on the points/goals scored by the two teams rather than the match result.

    While looking at a Mumbai City FC vs Chennaiyin FC game, the over/under bet might be registered by a bookmaker at 4. A bet can be made on over 4 if the punter’s predictions are for more than 4 goals. However, if that bet is made and the match ends 2-1, the bet will be lost as only 3 goals were scored.

  • Parlays
  • Parlay bets are one of the popular football bet markets in India. A parlay bet combines multiple straight bets in one bet slip. If all results fall in favour of the bet made, the punter gains a higher payout than individual bets combined.

    However, if even one of the wagers is in loss, the parlay bet is lost. The punter will not earn rewards regardless of the success of other outcomes in the parlay.

    Consider a bettor wagers on Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea to win. If all four teams win, the rewards will be higher than betting on all four results individually. But if any of these teams lose their match, the bet is also lost.

  • Spread Bets
  • The spread, also known as line betting, is used to even the odds between two unevenly matched teams. Spread bets are similar to handicap bets.

    In a match between Getafe and Sevilla, consider that the spread is set at +1 and -1, respectively. It means that Getafe is considered the slight underdog. If a punter bets on Sevilla, who win 1-0, the correct score for betting will be 1-1. Hence the punter would need Sevilla to win by more than a goal to win the wager.

    The punter can also bet against the spread. It means that the bet would be placed on Getafe. In case of a 0-0 draw, the result would be in favour of the bettor.

    Spread bets can also be applied to the anytime goalscorer market.

  • Player Odds
  • Player odds markets are also in-demand in online football betting in India. These markets offer odds based on player performances.

    A bet can be made on any footballer depending on the available odds in different markets. A punter can play depending on the outcome of that player-related market. In case the player’s team loses but the player’s performance matches the bet, the bet is won.

  • Bet Builder
  • Bet Builder is another exciting betting market. It allows the punter to bet on multiple markets within the same match. If all bets yield the desired result, the combined bet is won. However, similar to the accumulator or parlay bets, if one bet is lost, the other will also be void.

    In this bet market, the user can bet on match result, first to score, total goals, total corners and other such markets. For example, in a Arsenal vs Tottenham match, the user can be on an Arsenal win, an Arsenal player to score first goals, four total goals in a game and so on. The Bet Builder will reward the punter depending on the results on all the bets.

  • Player Props
  • Player Props bet markets are a type that allow punters to wager on whether the player will attain, get over or under the mentioned stats in the match. The bet depends only on the player’s performance in the match.

    There are special bet markets in this category - most goals, most assists, first to score, player to get booked etc. The punter can bet on a player in any of these markets at great odds.

    For example, the punter bets on Erling Haaland to score the most goals in a Manchester City vs Leeds United match. Regardless of the match result, if Haaland scores more goals than any other player in the match, the bet is won.

Football Betting Odds

In football betting, selection of the right odds is as important as finding the best bookmakers, leagues or matches.

The odds for a football match feature a similar tone of results across most websites. The bookmakers offer competitive odds, leaving the user to pick their preferred site. Online betting websites in India tend to offer greater odds for handpicked tournaments, while maintaining standard odds in others.

While choosing a bookmaker to bet with for a match or league, the punters should also note the bonuses on offer before wagering. For a particular league or match, one site might offer better odds or bonuses compared with the rest. Hence, the punter should keep an eye out for these offers.

Football Betting Tips

After deep diving into football betting, let us also go through some handy tips which could help punters bet better.

Wagers in multiple betting markets adds the potential for greater rewards. Punters can be on each market individually or use accumulators and bet builders.

Reading match previews could help the punter better understand the match meant to bet on. The previews tend to contain a variety of topics like injuries, probable lineups, in-form players etc.

Gaining knowledge on the teams and players involved in the match would assist punters to make better predictions. It would in turn lead to more informed betting. However, the result of a match or market in a football match cannot be accurately predicted. Risks will continue to remain a part of football betting.


Can I bet on football in India?

Yes, online football betting can be done in India. The bookmakers are licensed outside India, allowing them to cater to Indian audiences. They also allow the use of Indian currency and provide hassle-free transactions.

Which is the best online betting site in India? is the best online betting site in India. The bookmaker offers greater odds than its competitors, while the rewards keep the punters engaged. The VIP program is also the best-in-category, providing the punters with the most unique betting experience in India.

What’s the best football betting app?

Parimatch has one of the best football betting app in India. It is fully-optimized for the users, enabling on-the-go betting. The bookmaker also has a rewarding bonus structure. Meanwhile, and Fun88 also offer hassle-free football betting experiences on the mobile app.

Betting Sites Review

Win tickets and watch a Premier League game with Brett Lee in London

Wide variety of features aside from their sportsbook section

Cryptocurrency & Fiat currency friendly

Regular promotions for sports betting and online casino

Fast deposit and withdrawals

Has a mobile application

24/7 Customer Service

No phone support


Considered one of the best sports betting sites, is the pioneer of cryptocurrency transactions in the industry. It offers a speedy service with a fun and fair experience. The comprehensive and evolving sportsbook also offers an unparalleled betting experience to the bettors.

Read Review

Get Welcome Bonus 150% up to INR 20,000 on your First Deposit

User-Friendly Interface

Multiple payment options

Mobile App for both Android and iOS

Prompt customer support

Withdrawal to bank account is unavailable at times


Parimatch is a reliable and user-friendly sports betting brand in India. The bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Authority under the Government of Curacao. Having begun operations in 1994, Parimatch only recently entered the Indian market.

The bookmaker offers multiple betting options, including live casino, sports betting and virtual games. Parimatch allows bettors to bet on popular sports like cricket and football and access various global leagues. A wide range of bet markets such as 1x2, Asian handicap and over/under leave the punters spoilt for choice

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Claim 200% Welcome Bonus up to INR 15,000

Multiple payment options

Large sportsbook

Interesting promotions

Mobile App on both Android and iOS

Plenty of withdrawal methods


Fun88 entered the Indian market with a comprehensive sportsbook. Cricket, football, basketball, tennis and table tennis are some of the sports on its roster.

For users in India, the bookmaker offers a great selection, especially in cricket betting. Fun88 also has multiple casinos with local titles, card games and arcade games for its consumers.

The company has provided sponsorship to global sporting clubs and leagues. The Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur are partnered with the bookmaker. West Indies T20 World Cup-winning captain Daren Sammy is the brand ambassador for Fun88. The brand visibility in the global sporting ecosystem makes it the trustworthy betting site.

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Claim Welcome Bonus of 200% up to 1,00,000 INR

Great reputation

Two-factor authentication

Provably fair games by verifying results for some of their games

Great customer service

Awesome promotions

High return to player

Casino games for everyone

Lots of betting odds

Large crypto variety with more than 130+ cryptocurrencies accepted

Sports betting odds for major events are not always the best

Limited information on restrictions, fees, and payout details


Owned by Medium Rare N.V. and established in 2017, is one of the most popular crypto sportsbooks in the world and enables you to place various types of bets on multiple sports.

Read Review

INR 17,000 Welcome Bonus on first deposit

1000+ live events daily

45+ sports

Live streaming available

More than 300 extra bets during top events

Quick Cashout

50+ deposit methods, including UPI

No phone support


A relatively new bookmaker, Megapari was established in 2019 and it comes with a Eastern European background and a Curacao license. The players can register easily via email, phone verification or social media. Megapari is known to provide competitive odds alongwith 300+ extra bets on top events, live streaming and near-instant withdrawals. Megapari has a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The site offers bets on cricket, football, ice hockey, biathlon, baseball, boxing, table tennis, snooker, cycling, water polo and many other sports encompassing all major events.

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Use special welcome code “SPORTSADDA” and earn 150% on your deposit up to INR 30,000

User-Friendly Interface

Multiple payment options

Mobile App for both Android and iOS

Prompt customer support

Withdrawal to bank account is unavailable at times


Parimatch is a reliable and user-friendly sports betting brand in India. The bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Authority under the Government of Curacao. Having begun operations in 1994, Parimatch only recently entered the Indian market.

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Get INR 10,000 Bonus on Sports Betting

Good Banking Options

Global trustworthy brand

Plethora of sports to choose from

Too many options sometimes make it difficult to make a choice


22Bet is one of the fastest growing players in the Indian betting market. Ever since the establishment in 2017, 22Bet have spread their reach not only in India but to corners of the world, making betting accessible to punters who are passionate about sports betting. 22Bet accepts a variety of currencies and has almost a hundred payment methods available all around the world.

The bookmaker allows sports bettors to choose from over 1,000 sporting events every day. The 22Bet website is simple, clean and easy to navigate and caters to the customers’ needs with care and dedication. 22Bet is also available as mobile phone apps in both the Android and iOS versions.

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Welcome bonus for Casino upto INR 90,000

Available in six different languages

Large number of sports to bet on

Available in Android and iOS versions

No fees for remittances

Select payment methods available


4Rabet is one of the most popular sports betting sites in India. It offers betting services on a number of sports like cricket, football, ice hockey, basketball and tennis to name a few. Established in 2018, 4Rabet is a relatively new bookmaker in the betting industry, offering sportsbooks and casino games. It is also amongst a few bookmakers offering betting on esports.

4Rabet is available in Hindi version too and accepts currency in Indian rupees. It is also available in four other languages - Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian and Uzbek. 4Rabet has an app available for Android and iOS users while also having a desktop app version of its own.

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Get a Bonus ₹34000 on the first deposit

Simple interface, clear navigation, fast loading

The line represents the main sports

Deep painting and good odds

Bets on Esports events are accepted

First deposit bonus up to $300

Promotions by personal promo code

Prompt technical support: online chat, hotline, email

Mobile applications for iOS and Android

Delays in transferring funds

A small selection of online broadcasts are Live

Lack of sports statistics


Established in 2009 with its headquarters in Cyprus, Mostbet is a highly reputed betting company that allows you to make all kinds of bets in various different types of sports, including esports.

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Bet INR 1,000, Get INR 1,000 during T20 World Cup

Betting Exchange

Large selection of games

30+ sporting events

Virtual sports betting

2000+ casino games

Ultra-fast betting and withdrawals

Weekly promotions

Limited monthly withdrawals on some payment systems


Betadda is a sportsbook that offers a wide variety of markets, including virtual sports, and live events to choose from. It boasts of a live casino and slots, weekly promotions, and ultra-fast crypto wagering and withdrawal facilities. Betadda caters to more than 30 sports and over 300 video slots, tables, and live dealer games consisting of free spins, jackpot prizes, and bonus rounds. The sports betting site is crypto-compatible.

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