The 75th National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy is all set to kick-off at the Kottappadi Football Stadium in Malappuram on Saturday, April 16.

All the matches in the tournament are set to be held at two venues in Malappuram – the Manjeri Payyanaad Stadium, and the Kottappadi Stadium. The final of the 75th National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy is set to be held on May 2 at the Manjeri Payyanaad.

A total of 10 teams will be participating in the tournament, with old foes West Bengal and Punjab set to kick-off the proceedings. The 10 teams have been divided into two groups of five each, with the top two teams from each group set to proceed to the semi-finals (April 28 and 29).

The 75th National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy is being hosted in Malappuram, Kerala, with logistical and infrastructural aid from the Government of Kerala.

Santosh Trophy 2021-22 Groups and Fixtures

Group A: Meghalaya, Punjab, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Kerala

April 16, 9.30 AM: West Bengal vs Punjab, Kottappadi Football Stadium (KFS)

April 16, 8 PM: Kerala vs Rajasthan, Manjeri Payyanad Football Stadium (MPFS)

April 18, 4 PM: Rajasthan vs Meghalaya, KFS

April 18, 8 PM: Kerala vs West Bengal, MPFS

April 20, 4 PM: Punjab vs Rajasthan, KFS

April 20, 8 PM: Meghalaya vs Kerala, MPFS

April 22 4 PM: West Bengal vs Meghalaya, KFS

April 22, 8 PM: Punjab vs Kerala, MPFS

April 24, 4 PM: Rajasthan vs West Bengal, KFS

April 24, 8 PM: Meghalaya vs Punjab, MPFS

Group B: Gujarat, Karnataka, Odisha, Services, Manipur

April 17, 4 PM: Odisha vs Karnataka, KFS

April 17, 8 PM: Manipur vs Services, MPFS

April 19, 4 PM: Services vs Gujarat, KFS

April 19, 8 PM: Manipur vs Odisha, MPFS

April 21, 4 PM: Gujarat vs Manipur, KFS

April 21, 8 PM: Karnataka vs Services, MPFS

April 23, 4 PM: Karnataka vs Manipur, KFS

April 23, 8 PM: Odisha vs Gujarat, MPFS

April 25, 4 PM: Services vs Odisha, KFS

April 25, 8 PM: Gujarat vs Karnataka, MPFS

Santosh Trophy 2021-22 semi-finals

April 28, 8 PM: Winner Group A vs Runners-up Group B, MPFS

April 29, 8 PM: Winner Group B vs Runners-up Group A, MPFS

Santosh Trophy 2021-22 final

May 2, 8 PM: Winner Match 21 vs Winner Match 22

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Featured photo: AIFF