The winner of the UEFA Europa League 2021-22 final, to be played between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers on May 19, stands to pocket a whopping €8.6 million while the runner-up will receive €4.6 million.

The finalists, however, aren’t the only teams to get paid in the Europa League.

The UEFA pays all the participating clubs for every round that they play in the Europa League. Furthermore, they also offer coefficient-based payments and television rights money that clubs receive separately.

The total amount keeps adding up as the club progresses deeper into the competition.

Apart from the prize money, the winner of the UEFA Europa League 2021-22 will secure automatic qualification for next season’s UEFA Champions League.

UEFA Europa League prize money

The total pool of UEFA Europa League prize money stands at a staggering €465 million, which is distributed among all participants.

Here is the brief bifurcation of the prize money:

- 25% will be allocated to starting fees (€116.25 million)

- 30% will be allocated to performance-related fixed amounts (€139.5 million)

- 15% will be allocated to coefficient-based amounts (€69.75 million)

- 30% will be allocated to variable amounts (market pool) (€139.5 million)

UEFA Europa League prize money for qualifiers

If a club qualifies for the UEFA Europa League group stage, they are entitled to receive a base amount of €3.63m, split into a down payment of €3.4 million and a balance payment of €230,000.

From there on, it depends on the results and qualifications. The details are as follows:

UEFA Europa League prize money for Group stage

During the group stage, the clubs receive €630,000 for winning a match while an amount of €210,000 is paid if the result is a draw. 

Additionally, the group winners pocket a qualification bonus of €1.1 million and the runners-up receive €550,000 each.

Each win in group stage:  €630,000 

Each draw in group stage:  €210,000

Group topper:  €1.1 million

Group runner up:  €550,000

UEFA Europa League prize money for knockout stage

Progression beyond the group stage assures any team a sum of €500,000 and the amount only goes up for subsequent rounds.

Here’s a break-up:

Qualification for the knockout round playoffs: €500,000 each

Qualification for the round of 16: €1.2 million each
Qualification for the quarter-finals: €1.8 million each
Qualification for the semi-finals: €2.8 million each

What is the UEFA Europa League prize money for the winner and runners-up?

Both teams making the final are eligible for prize money of €4.6 million while the eventual winner gets €4 million on top of the sum assured for reaching the final.

Winner: €8.6 million

Runner up: €4.6 million

UEFA Champions League 2021-22 television money

Apart from the above-mentioned distribution, UEFA also shares the money accumulated from the television deals based on each TV market represented by the clubs participating in the Europa League (group stage onwards). Below is the breakdown of the fees paid at every stage.

Group Stage: €27.90 million

Knockout Round Playoffs: €10.46 million

Round of 16: €13.95 million

Quarter-finals: €9.07 million

Semi-finals: €5.58 million

UEFA Europa League final: €2.79 million

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Featured photo: OZAN KOSE / AFP