German footballer Gerd Muller owns the record for the most goals in Bundesliga history.

Having donned the jersey of Bayern Munich for 14 seasons in Bundesliga between 1965 and 1979, Muller netted 365 goals in 427 appearances. He averaged a goal per game in seven of his 14 seasons. 

Regarded as one of the greatest goalscorers in football history, the late German international scored a goal on average every 105 minutes. 

Muller won the Bundesliga four times with Bayern Munich in 1968-69, 1971-72, 1972-73 and 1973-74.

The Nordlingen-born footballer also bagged the coveted Torjagerkanone on five occasions. The Torjagerkanone is the cannon-shaped prize awarded to the Bundesliga's top scorer at the end of every season.

Following his dream goalscoring run, Muller was named European footballer of the Year in 1970.

Gerd Muller also previously held the record for the most goals in a single season of Bundesliga, having netted 40 goals during the 1971-72 season. His record was later surpassed by Robert Lewandowski, who scored 41 goals for Bayern Munich during the 2020-21 season.

The German international also held the record for the most goals scored in a calendar year, netting a staggering 85 goals in 1972. His impressive record was later broken by former FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, who scored 91 goals in 2012.

Polish footballer Robert Lewandowski is the all-time top non-German goalscorer in Bundesliga history and second overall.

Having played for Borussia Dortmund and later Bayern Munich, Lewandowski scored 312 goals in 384 appearances. 


Lewandowski has won the Bundesliga twice with Borussia Dortmund in 2010-11 and 2011-23. He later clinched the Bundesliga with Bayern in each of his eight seasons between 2014-15 and 2021-22. 

Klaus Fischer, Jupp Heynckes and Manfred Burgsmuller complete the top five list. 

Fischer scored 268 goals in 535 appearances for his Bundesliga clubs 1860 Munich, Schalke, Cologne and Bochum. 

On the other hand, former Borussia Mönchengladbach and Hannover forward Jupp Heynckes netted 220 goals in 369 games.

Manfred Burgsmuller is the only other footballer to score more than 200 goals in Bundesliga history. 

Having represented the likes of Rot-Weiß Essen, Borussia Dortmund, Nuremberg, Werder Bremen in Bundesliga, Burgsmuller scored 213 goals in 447 games, averaging a goal every 168 minutes.

Most goals in Bundesliga history

Player Matches Goals
Gerd Muller 427 365
Robert Lewandowski 384 312
Klaus Fischer 535 268
Jupp Heynckes 369 220
Manfred Burgsmuller 447 213
Claudio Pizzaro 490 197
Ulf Kirsten 350 182
Stefan Kuntz 449 179
Dieter Muller 303 177
Klaus Allofs 424 177

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Featured photo: RONNY HARTMANN / AFP