Jersey vs Nigeria, Match 7

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier, 2019 | Match 7 | Saturday 19th October | 10:10
 Match Ended
184/4 (20.0) RR:9.2
115/7 (20.0) RR:5.75
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  • JerseyJER
  • NigeriaNIG

That is it from this game. As it stands, Jersey top Group B but it could all change in the next couple of hours as Ireland take on the hosts, UAE in the next qualifying game. Do join us for that game at 1930 Local (1530 GMT). Till then, cheers!

Jersey skipper, Charles Perchard, says they like batting first as they have got a good spin attack and hence, they like defending. Mentions they have variety in their bowling and they would be using a lot of spin in the coming games. States their batters play with intent right from the word go as that is the nature of this format. Also says that with no disrespect to Nigeria, they would like stiffer opponent. Feels they will have difficult tests ahead and they want to do well there too. Ends by saying it is a pleasure playing in such a good stadium.

Nigeria skipper, Ademola Onikoyi, says it was a difficult game but they hope to learn, work harder and improve and he believes in his side that they would come back strong. States they will go into the next game with confidence and he hopes they can do better. Mentions it is wonderful to play on this ground as it is the one they watched on television and it is a pleasure to play here. Ends by saying they need to come back stronger and represent Africa well.

Man of the Match, Jonty Jenner, says the conditions are pretty warm and it is good to get a shower after batting. Adds that they were trying to score boundaries in the first couple of overs and then run hard. He further says that they had to work harder than they thought and hence, he had to run off once the innings got over. Feels that this is a massive win for them and they are pleased with the way things went in their first game.

Earlier in the day, the victory was actually set up by the Jersey batsmen as they put on a mammoth target of 185 runs in front of the Nigerians. They were always on the front foot from there on. The star with the bat for Jersey was Jonty Jenner who scored a half ton and everyone around him contributed as well.

A one-sided contest and Jersey have beaten Nigeria by a comprehensive margin of 69 runs. The chase started for Nigeria on a good note as Ajekun scored runs freely in the first few overs. However, they lost two quick wickets in the fifth over bowled by Elliot Miles which gave Nigeria a very big setback from which they never recovered. The Nigerian innings never got the momentum it wanted to chase down such a big target and Jersey cruised through. All the bowlers for Jersey did a very good job. Except for Hawkins-Kay everyone got at least one wicket. Elliot Miles and Ben Stevens stood out as they consistently bowled good lines and lengths.

Over: 20 | 3 Runs
W 19.6
Dominic Blampied to Ademola Onikoyi

OUT! Onikoyi holes out! A wicket to end the game! This is tossed up on middle, AO looks to clear long on but only gets height on it. Jenner takes it nicely in the deep. JERSEY WIN BY 69 RUNS!

1 19.5
Dominic Blampied to Sulaimon Runsewe

A couple now! This is on middle, it is worked through mid-wicket for one.

0 19.4
Dominic Blampied to Sulaimon Runsewe

Taken, no dropped, no wait, that has been taken, no it has been dropped! After all that juggling the keeper has put that down. The slider outside off, Runsewe looks to force it through the off side but the outside edge is found. It goes to the keeper who looks to take it with two hands but the ball pops out, he tries to take it on the second attempt but it pops out again and then onto the ground.

0 19.3
Dominic Blampied to Sulaimon Runsewe

Flatter and outside off, the batter looks to cut but misses.

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