Before dwelling into what the top betting exchange sites are, it is important to understand what these revolutionary new platforms mean. Unlike traditional betting where bookmakers play a big role, betting exchange sites involve a minimum of two parties and these two bettors bet against each other while offering and requesting odds.

The elimination of the middlemen, i.e., the bookmakers have by and large had a positive impact on the betting community, allowing betting exchange to build up a head of steam and have substantial momentum behind them in a fairly short period.

While the reason behind this is multifaceted, the fact that betting exchanges offer much better odds since it is a free market and the odds are controlled by the punters are a couple of significant points to make note of.

Betting exchanges are also fairly transparent when compared to bookmakers and only takes a small commission on all winnings. With that said, here we have a look at the top betting exchange sites at present, which are certain to grow even more exponentially in 2022.


Betadda is relatively new to the betting market and is Curacao licensed which means it’s safe for bettors and is a legit new-age betting platform. This platform offers odds as good as any other website and one of its numerous positives is that it allows users to place bets on a variety of sports, which includes your traditional sports like tennis, basketball, cricket as well as some virtual sports.

Furthermore, Betadda offers as many as three features for bettors to choose from and earn a profit. They are as follows:

  • In-play bets: As the name implies, these are the kind of bets where one can punt on the team or player while the game is ongoing.
  • Direct bets: A direct bet is a bet where you can wager on the team or player that will win or lose the match.
  • Future bets: Future bets are those where users punt on a specific tournament or a player for a match that will happen later in the future. This means you do not have to place your bets while the match is ongoing.


Established in 2020, FairPlay is India’s first and arguably the most trusted betting platform. The one good thing about this platform is that it offers a 100 per cent bonus on your first deposit. The USP of this platform is that it offers betting on live casinos which are played by live users and not bots. There is also a huge selection of sports and games that are on offer here.

FairPlay brand themselves as India’s most secure gambling site. If any kind of suspicious behaviour is noticed, the account is immediately terminated. Furthermore, there are quick deposits and withdrawals here as well, meaning impatient bettors need not wait too long to enjoy their winnings. The days when one had to wait for verification by the bookmakers are now a thing of the past in front of the new revolutionary betting exchange sites. At FairPlay, users are able to make simple transactions without any lengthy verification procedures altogether.

Lastly, what makes this platform unique is that it offers live streaming of ongoing games and customer support at the same time. This allows users to keep track of everything.


One of the oldest players in the betting market that founded in 2007 and the global partners of FC Barcelona, 1xBet is a unique platform in its own way. Here, apart from the traditional sports, users have the option of placing bets on TV games as well as video games.

1xBet offers a large variety of options including cash out. Here, the users have the option of cashing out before the end of a sporting event on which they have placed a bet on. This means you can cash out before the end of the game when your bet is the correct one instead of waiting till the game is over where the outcome can change. While there are more winnings for seeing the bet out to the distance, cashing in on something is better than missing out on everything should a game’s result change in the dying moments as is frequently the case with football.

There are, of course, some terms and conditions that apply to all cash out which players must be aware of before gambling. Meanwhile, another interesting feature on 1xBet is what they call self-exclusion. This means if a user tends to take a break from gambling, 1xBet will deactivate the account for a minimum period of six months. The account will not be activated for any reason during that time. 1xBet is the perfect place for those who are willing to take a risk as they offer higher odds on the sports exchange.


Like a few betting exchange sites, BetWinner offers a 100 per cent bonus on the first deposit upto 8000 INR. Unlike other sites though, this platform allows users to interact with each other to ‘benefit from their professional experience’, thereby enabling new users to be guided by veteran punters who have been around the block for sometime

Established in 2008, on BetWinner, you can play virtual sports, casino games, tv games, bingo, lottery, and much more. In fact, it will take you several weeks to run out of games on this platform. Furthermore, BetWinner also allows users to create their own set of odds if someone is willing to match that. The platform also has a live betting section where you can place in-play bets on sports like football, ice hockey, tennis, darts, cricket, volleyball, table tennis, and more.


Established in 2019, MegaPari is a new entrant in the betting industry. Since it is a recent entry into the sports betting market, the platform is able to provide all the necessary add-ons expected of betting exchange sites these days, including live and in-play betting. The odds offered here are highly competitive and users are always spoiled for choice while of MegaPari in terms of the variety of games that they can choose from.

MegaPari has acquired a large audience over a span of two years and it comes as no surprise that it is one of the safest platforms for sports betting exchange given that they do have a Curacao license, which ensures that such platforms cannot partake in any dubious activity. They are set to grow even more in the near future and are gradually transforming into one of the go-to betting sites for bettors both old and new.