Online casinos aren’t just focusing on slots and live games anymore. There are so many players who are interested in sports betting that casino platforms decided to `spread their wings` too.

With so many gambling sites providing sports betting, it makes sense for bonuses to also be available. These bonuses’ main purpose is to attract us; thus, they all vary in type and even size.

Why is sports betting becoming so popular?

There are so many casino ads online that even the ones of us who never gambled know what a gambling bonus is. On top of that, player or not, we’ve all heard of sports betting, right?

However, hearing about something is one thing, and actually knowing how it works and how to use it is a totally different story.

This is why some of us might be wondering why classic casino sites have started acting as sportsbooks. It’s simple, yet a cliché: `When there’s demand, there’s always offer as well`.

Thus, the next natural thing to do is to create bonuses that are specially designed for those who prefer sports wagering, right? But, do sports betting bonuses differ that much from other casino offers?

Registration bonuses: your first interaction with the casino site

In the world of online casinos, the registration bonus (also known as the welcome bonus) is one of the very interactions you can have with the site after the actual registration, of course. How does this work? It’s quite easy, actually.

You find a site that’s legit and legal. You sign up for the first time. This is important because this type of bonus is available only for new players – those who have never had an account before on the site.

After you have created your account, some casinos will offer you your bonus straight away. Others will require you to upload your documentation, also known as identity verification. Some casinos might even ask you to add a payment method. Either way, the registration bonus is something any bettor can use.

Deposit bonuses are also very popular

The deposit bonus is also in high demand. This type of promotion does exactly what its name says: it offers a bonus to players who make a deposit. However, we’re not talking about any type of deposit. You have to be a new player who is making their very first deposit – otherwise, it doesn’t really work. The nice thing about this bonus is that sometimes it’s part of a bigger offer called a `welcome package`. When this happens, you can benefit from it multiple times.

Explaining the rush for high matching percentage bonuses

The matching bonus is a type of deposit promotion. It’s any type of deposit offer, though. You get your bonus according to how much you deposit. Thus, you might double or even triple your initial deposit. Some reputable casinos’ bonuses can go as high as 1000% in terms of matching.

While 100% or 200% match deposit promotions are more common, coming across 300% casino bonuses for sports fans is not unheard of when gamblers are placing their wagers in online casinos. Such bonuses consist of gamblers receiving a 300% match to their initial deposit in bonus money they can use to place additional wagers.

These bonuses can also be part of the already-mentioned welcome package. This means that you can benefit from multiple matching bonuses, one for each deposit you make.

Crypto bonuses are on the rise as well

Cryptocurrency has become a regular coin in today’s world. Thus, it was only normal that casinos began accepting it as a payment method. Some casinos went even further and have created bonuses that can only be claimed using crypto.

For instance, some casinos will match your first deposit only if you fund your account using crypto. To know more about how each bonus works, you will need to read the terms and conditions.

Why is choosing the right bonus so crucial

Gambling and sports betting, while they belong to the same world, are different. The same goes for the promotions. This is why experienced players know exactly what kind of bonus to choose.

New bettors, however, might find it more difficult to choose correctly. They might not know exactly what their wagering style is. This is why it’s so imperative to always read the terms and conditions that apply to a promotion. And you must do that before you actually claim it.

But let’s be honest: too many casinos use big and pompous words when explaining how a bonus works. They are so big that many players might simply refuse to read them. Do you know what you need to do if this happens?

Find a site that specialises in reviewing bonuses. Usually, these sites are filled with important details about each promotion. Here, you will also find information about how to use the bonus and if it’s available only for slots or also for sports betting. This is definitely good to know if you want to use your bonus to wager on your favourite sports team.