Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Argentina football team forward Lionel Messi is the latest player to jump on the fan token bandwagon. The former Barcelona superstar has joined forces with the crypto fan token firm, Socios, signing a deal that is said to be worth over $20 million.

"Fans deserve to be recognised for their support,” Messi said in a statement. “They deserve opportunities to influence the teams they love. exists to enhance the fan experience, to enable fans to be more. 

“I'm proud to join's mission to create a more connected and rewarding future for fans around the world," he added.

As part of the deal, Messi, 34, will serve as Socios’ ambassador for the next three years while being involved in the firm’s promotional activities leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Socios have partnered with more than 40 major sporting organisations including FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Arsenal and Juventus, the Argentina and Portugal national soccer teams and the Indian Super League (ISL) side Kerala Blasters among others. 

Apart from football, Socios also has its presence in Formula 1 as well as cricket.

What are fan tokens?

Fan tokens are a type of cryptocurrency created on a blockchain. Those who own fan tokens are more than just mere spectators as they allow holders to vote on mostly minor decisions related to their clubs.

It’s like having VIP access to some non-restricted areas of the team.

Fan tokens have gathered immense popularity among some of the top football teams. In fact, back when Messi moved to PSG from Barcelona, he received a significant number of fan tokens from Socios as a part of his signing-on fee.

Over the years, many athletes including David Beckham, Noami Osaka, Tom Brady and even LeBron James have entered the crypto world.

Featured photo: AFP / Franklin Jacome