For someone to understand how cricket betting works, it is imperative to know the factors involved behind punting on a match. For starters, considering the condition of the pitch is one of the key components that is certain to have an effect on the outcome.

Furthermore, a little homework before placing any kind of bet can go a long way towards yielding positive results. Here, we have a look at some of the ways that you can come out a winner more often than not while betting on cricket.

Cricket betting tips

Understanding the betting market

If one knows how to smartly pick a cricket betting platform, the next step is to get a betting market. This basically means selecting when and where exactly one wants to place their bets on.

There are mostly two types of betting markets when it comes to cricket betting. The first one is the pre-match market while the second is the in-game market.

Let’s try understanding the pre-match market first.

Pre-match markets offer some of the best cricket betting odds. In this, all that one needs to place the stake on are outcomes like best batsman (highest run-scorer of the match), best bowler (bowler who picked most wickets), winning team and Player of the Match among others.

Say for example the odds of Virat Kohli ending up as the best batter in an India vs England match is 3.48 then you will receive INR 348 for every INR 100 that you put on stake should the former Indian skipper actually end as the top scorer in the match.

It’s important to understand that different players will have different odds. The bigger risk you take, the bigger rewards you reap.

Now, let’s take the in-game market into consideration.

In-game betting is for the pros; those who understand the game much deeper as it involves the prediction of various factors. For example, the in-game market lets you bet on events like runs on the next ball, next batter to be dismissed, runs in the first six overs, wicket in the next over and so on.

For this market, a T20 match is considered to be a bettor’s paradise and it usually involves experienced bettors who have a deep and insightful understanding of the betting industry as well as the game.

Analysing the conditions

This brings us to the next important facet of cricket betting, which is to analyse the game condition. Unlike other team sports, cricket is a game that is largely affected by weather conditions, the nature of the pitch, the dew factor and whether or not there is wind at the venue.

Good weather conditions and clear sky usually assist batters in scoring more runs while on the other hand, overcast conditions mean bowlers are set to dominate the run of play as they will get more swing and the ball will move in the air.

As touched on above, pitch conditions is another important variable one should consider. Flatter pitches usually favours batters who love such surfaces to play on, while green tops tend to aid the bowlers.

Factoring in such variables is imperative for a successful bet and it helps a bettor in the long run when it comes to making accurate in-game decisions or bets.

Recent form

It’s often said that form is temporary, but class is permanent. This, however, has no place in the betting market as the form of an individual or the team is extremely crucial in cricket betting.

It’s always a best practice to keep note of the recent form rather than just going with the gut feeling or past achievements as there is so much at stake. Before punting on any kind of betting market, the bettor should be abreast with recent data and how the player/team has performed in the given conditions.

For example, Sri Lanka haven’t enjoyed the best of form on Indian soil of late. Let’s say, the Lankan Lions have never defeated India in a bilateral ODI series away from home and judging by that, the match outcome is likely to remain the same as history dictates. Hence, punting on a Sri Lanka win means putting your stake at massive risk.

Play with mind and not heart

Cricket can be emotional at times and those punting on live markets know it better than most of us. The in-game market - also known as the ball-by-ball market - is spontaneous, to say the very least. The odds change very quickly and there’s very little time to think before making a decision.

So when you think things are getting out of hand or going over your head, it’s time to stop and evaluate what has transpired as betting blindly on emotion may result in heavy losses. Hence, placing bets in a calculated and composed manner bereft of emotion is the best way to win big.

Use cash-out option when needed

Betting can be a leisure exercise which is often done for fun. You are not proving anything to anyone and hence, opting for the cash-out option when in need can be a wiser decision than you think.

Take for example India are playing Sri Lanka. You know India are certain to win but for some reason, the Lankan Lions are rather heading for victory. At the point when you know you are at risk of losing your stake, opt for the cash-out option which is offered by most of the top betting sites.

What it does is that it allows you to withdraw part of your original stake. Of course, the withdrawn amount will depend on the ongoing odds offered for the team, but this might help you prevent a complete loss of your investment.

Author: Swapnil Bhopatkar

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