It is always hard to try something new for the players, when they gamble on the real money. It is natural that people are scared a bit to test new games, when they are used to the and even bound to the old style casinos and card games like poker and blackjack. But, the release of the Aviator game has turned the tables. The game became so popular that even the most hardcore old style gamers switched to playing Aviator game at online casinos. All thanks to the developers of the Aviator and Aviator predictor apps, which is truly innovative. The playstyle immediately caught a lot of attention from the players. It is easy to win at Aviator game, because a decent amount of players got rich in just several days. This situation led to the following effect, almost every betting and gambling company has included the Aviator game into the platform portfolio.This definitely took some effort of the software developers to add the game into the list of the activities in the shortest period of time. But, this action was very successful for the platform, a constant flow of people that have started to play Aviator game brought a decent level of money to the platforms. After this fact, we should definitely mention the another one - RTP rate (Return to the Player rate) is kept at the level of 96 - 97 % at Aviator game, which is a decent level of the return, for example, some slot machines may have RTP at the level of 50 %, so this is the opportunity for the players to win a good amount of money.

Aviator game useful tips and strategies

As ever gambling game the Aviator game has its own tips and tricks that could be utilized during the gambling process. experienced players have developed strategies that could almost guarantee a win condition at every match. The rules of the Aviator game are very simple - you must stop the Airplane before it explodes or falls on the ground. When the airplane is gaining height during its flight, you will keep multiplying the bonuses, but you must stop the airplane before it explodes. If this happens, the money is lost. A deep analysis of the game by the experienced players made them come up with several strategies that may guarantee a decent profit in the long run, they are the following:

  • Short flight strategy - it is not a secret for everyone that the airplane is starting to gain the multiplier during the start of the flight and almost never falls at the beginning of the flight. So, you may do the following - set the automatic launch and the automatic finish of the flight. You must set the auto withdrawal limit at the multiplier of 1,2 or 1,3, so you will be extracting money at the lowest risks. In just a few good bets, you would be able to gain a significant amount of money. If you keep playing at this condition, you will definitely be successful at the Aviator game;
  • The wait strategy - since the flight history is available for all players on the side menu of the game, you may see when the latest good flight occurred. After some time of the examination, you will find out, that good multipliers occur with a certain stability, so you may just wait for about 15 or 20 minutes from the latest good flight, and go big with the bets, this will allow you to catch a significant bonus, which may multiply your money by several times, even up to 100 times.

These were the most useful strategies for playing the Aviator game. If you would stick to any of two, you would be definitely successful in the long run. We also recommend, to watch your bank amount, and never bet everything, you need to divide your total pot into some small amounts and bet them.

How to Predict Aviator?

The Aviator game is one of the most popular gambling activities that are currently presented on the market. Every player seeks for a useful strategy that could be used during the gambling process. The best of them were listed in the previous section. However, some people pretend that they have invented the innovative approach for predicting the outcome of the flight, and this is called an Aviator Predictor. We hardly doubt that this application works correctly with the decent level of the success rate. In order to save your time and money, you better stick to the strategies that were described in this article, rather than trying some doubtful programmes.

Frequently asked questions

In this section, we will cover the most important questions regarding the Aviator game, you may find questions and answers below.

What age should I be in order to play the Aviator game?

You must be over 18.

What is the maximum multiplier that an airplane can reach?

The airplane may go as high as 1 000 times multiplier.

Where can I find the proper Aviator game?

You may find the Aviator game almost everywhere, so you are free to explore the internet and find the desired platform.

Is it safe to play Aviator game?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play the aviator game on a trustworthy platform.

What is the frequency of the big multiplier occurrence?

Usually, this depends on the setup of the platform. we would say that it appears once per 20 minutes on average, but sometimes the wait time may increase up to 20 minutes.


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