Playing casino games is a popular hobby for different individuals across various professionals. While participating in these games, players have a chance to win prizes. In the athletic world, some famous names enjoy spending their time playing these games. Keep reading to discover famous athletes who are aficionados of casino games.

Why Athletes Love Casino Games

Athletes are driven by the desire to succeed in whatever sports they participate in. They are focused on emerging winners and set new records. When playing casino games, they get inspired by the desire to win in the same way they approach their athletic competitions. Some casino games that athletes love include poker, baccarat, and sports. Furthermore, some players love to play live blackjack online because of the interactive quality of the game. Some of them have been quoted, saying that card games like blackjack and poker help them train decision making during crucial moments of their matches on the field.

Famous Athletes Playing Casino Games

When not actively involved in their sporting activities, some athletic legends enjoy participating in gambling, and a couple of them have been rather successful in it. Here is an exploration of athletes who like playing casino games:

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is a famous Manchester United player who has excelled as a striker and a midfielder. He has scored most goals for his team, keeping it shining. The football legend reveals that he enjoys playing roulette during his free time. At some point, he placed wagers of over $85,000 in two hours. Reporters say that the player has spent over a million dollars on gambling, but his gains haven’t been reported so far.

Charles Barkley

He's a famous American basketball player who was once an avid gambler. After much trial in gambling, he won $700,000 when playing blackjack and placing bets on the Super Bowl. During his free time, Barkley frequents gambling sites in Las Vegas, demonstrating his love of gambling. Barkley, now retired, has been appointed as a pundit of the NBA broadcast, where his charming and funny personality has been reckoned. 

Michael Jordan

Jordan is a successful American basketball player with a broad career in the NBA. The athlete came to the limelight when he became a champion six times as an NBA player. Although he retired from athletics in 2003, MJ is still a big name with many followers worldwide.

In addition to his successful athletic career, MJ likes playing casino games. He loves poker and places big bets on the game. The legendary figure has put millions of dollars into gambling and won most of the time.

Alex Rodriguez

When talking about famous baseball players in the US, Rodriguez's name features as a third baseman. He's an acclaimed player in the American League and a valuable player of all time. Besides his legendary athletic career, Rodriguez is known for his addiction to betting. He has spent vast amounts of money betting on his favourite casino game-poker.