The inaugural Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League (UPKL) will start on July 11 and run till July 25 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

As many as eight teams representing different regions of Uttar Pradesh will compete in a total of 59 matches across 15 days in UPKL 2024, a joint initiative by 1X Sports and the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Association.

Awadh Ramdoot, Brij Stars, Ganga Kings of Mirzapur, JD Noida Ninjas, Kashi Kings, Lucknow Lions, Yamuna Yodhas and Sangam Challengers are the teams that will participate in UPKL 2024.

Each UPKL team will comprise 15 players, totaling 120 kabaddi players from UP and other regions of India.

All UPKL 2024 matches will be played at the Noida Indoor Stadium in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Ahead of the upcoming kabaddi tournament, as many 350-400 players will go under the hammer in the UPKL 2024 player auction.

The UPKL 2024 auction will feature a diverse pool of players, including Indian international stars and new young players. 

These players will be categorised into four categories: A, B, C, and D. The base price for Category A players will be set at INR 1 lakh, while Category B players will have a base price of INR 60,000. Category C and D players will have base prices of INR 40,000 and INR 25,000, respectively.

Indian kabaddi star Arjun Deshwal became the most expensive player in the UPKL 2024 player auction after Lucknow Kings acquired him for INR 3.10 lakh. 

Later in the UPKL 2024 player auction, Vinay Tevathiya became the joint most expensive player after Yamuna Yodhas secured his services for INR 3.10 lakh.

Meanwhile, Sangam Challengers bagged young raider Abhijit Malik for INR 2.60 lakh while Awadh Ramdoots roped in right cover Ashu Singh for INR 1.50 lakh. Get UPKL 2024 players list.

UPKL 2024 players list: Know squads of all Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League teams

Awadh Ramdoot: Ashu Singh (1.50 lakh), Abhishek Singh (1 lakh), Ashish Nagar (1.15 lakh)

Brij Stars: Robin Chaudhary (1.05 lakh), Vikrant Chaudhary (1.05 lakh)

Ganga Kings of Mirzapur: Mohit Baliyan (INR 1.40 lakh), Anil Kumar Chaudhary (1 lakh), Shivam Chaudhary (1 lakh)

JD Noida Ninjas: Shivam Thakur (1.20 lakh), Amit Nagar (1.45 lakh), Kunal Bhati (1.20 lakh)

Kashi Kings: Sahul Kumar (INR 1.35 lakh)

Lucknow Lions: Arjun Deshwal (INR 3.10 lakh), Nitin Pawar (INR 1.10 lakh), Arpit Saroha (INR 1.10 lakh)

Yamuna Yodhas: Vinay Tevathiya (INR 3.10 lakh), Shubham Kumar Baliyan (1.20 lakh)

Sangam Challengers: Abhijit Malik (INR 2.60 lakh), Vijay Tevathiya (1.20 lakh), Bhanu Pratap Tomar (1.20 lakh)

Photo credit: Alamy