A last-second tackle by Pawan Sehrawat helped Bengaluru Bulls pull off an unlikely 34-34 draw against Telugu Titans in Match 26 of Pro Kabaddi Season 8 at The Sheraton Grand Whitefield in Bengaluru on Saturday, January 1.

The tempo in the Southern Derby was set early with Pawan Sehrawat tackled successfully by Titans' Sandeep Kandola in the very first minute. The “high-flyer” raider - with no points in the first eight minutes - spent more than 15 minutes of the half in the dugout staring at Telugu Titans matching the Bulls blow for blow.

Titans' young raiders Ankit Beniwal and Rakesh Gowda picked up four points in the half, but the Bulls managed to hold their ground thanks to Chandran Ranjit and Bharat.

Bengaluru Bulls finished the first half with a two-point lead (14-12) whilst managing to not let go of the momentum as both teams were toe-to-toe.

Come the second half, the Telugu Titans were quick to inflict an ALL OUT. Ankit Beniwal picked up a 2-point raid and Sandeep Kandola followed it up with a tackle on Pawan Sehrawat in the third minute to get an ALL OUT.

The Bulls, despite lacking the usual sharpness, kept matching the Titans and the scored were tied 22-22 with 10 minutes remaining in the half. Ankit picked up his Super 10 albeit Rohit Kumar's assistance as the team had to make do without Rakesh Gowda - who was withdrawn due to injury.

However, left-corner defender Adarsh showed he is more than a capable deputy in a time of crisis by fetching a 3-point Super Raid in a do-or-die situation with 5 minutes on the clock.

Titans got another ALL OUT when Sandeep Kandola tackled Chandran Ranjit with less than 2 minutes to go. The Bulls refused to give up and it was Pawan Sehrawat's tackle on Rohit Kumar in the final raid of the match that saved the season 6 winners from going down with a loss.

Featured photo: Pro Kabaddi