When everything starts to crumble around us, we tend to look for the heroes. It has always been the same with “Ice-Man” Ajay Thakur; an out-and-out kabaddi legend. Having rescued India on multiple occasions on the kabaddi mat with his raids, this time, he was seen standing firm while serving the Indian Police in a battle where we can only sit back and defend. 

As a Deputy Superintendent of Police with the Himachal Pradesh force, Ajay Thakur was spotted patrolling in Bilaspur in  Himachal Pradesh to make sure that people are staying indoors in the wake of probably the worst epidemic in the history of the world, COVID-19.

Ajay Thakur is one of the most successful kabaddi players in the country. He has won gold in the Asian Games and is ranked fourth in the Pro Kabaddi League’s all-time top raiders’ list with 790 raid points to his name.

Apart from patrolling, Thakur also took to social media to raise awareness against the global pandemic. His post on Instagram read, "There is still time for you all to stay at home and also tell others. Cooperate with the administration. Only then it's possible,". In another video he posted on YouTube, Thakur said, “ I have seen that people are not taking it seriously even now. Saw 10-15 people talking to each other in groups on crossroads in villages. Please take this seriously”.

The pandemic is yet to show any signs of slowing down in the world. The 21-day-long nation-wide lockdown in India has been ordered by the government and people are asked to refrain from getting outside till April 15th. However, the general population is yet to realise the gravity of the situation and therefore the administration is asked to take strict steps against law-violators.

Feature image courtesy: Instagram / @ajaythakurkabaddi