Three months of pulsating action and drama will finally conclude with a nail-biting encounter between Bengal Warriors and Dabang Delhi at the TransStadia in Ahmedabad on October 19. Both these teams have enjoyed a fair amount of success and have booked a place in the finals for the first time in the history of the competition. Given their maiden final appearances, both the teams will be looking to put their best foot forward on the day and take home the coveted trophy.

However, the battles between the star players of both the teams will also an enticing proposition for the fans. Here we dwell on the on-mat rivalries that will surely light up the final of Pro Kabaddi season seven.


The 19-year-old Naveen Kumar has been a force to reckon with for Dabang Delhi this season. In the past two encounters between Delhi and Bengal in the league stage, Naveen has always got the better of Bengal’s defender Rinku Narwal, though the latter has been enjoying a career-defining season so far with 62 tackle points to his name in 22 encounters.

Naveen has scored six raid points off the Bengal defender while Rinku has just one tackle point against Delhi’s star raider in the two encounters of the group-stage.

However, given Rinku’s defensive performance in the semi-final against U Mumba, we can surely hope that the surge in form might just work in favour of the defender. But Naveen surely has the upper hand and Delhi will be relying on him to taste PKL glory for the first time.


Maninder Singh will to be the biggest threat in Delhi’s pursuit of the ultimate title but the presence of Ravinder Pahal in Delhi’s defence is sure to make it an exciting duel to witness.

Pahal is a master of the ‘Block’ and the ‘Back Hold’ and is one of the few defenders who can pull it off consistently. He takes down the raider’s mobility and can pin him down through his stronghold. Pahal has two tackle points off Singh with a tackle strike rate of 33.33% while Maninder has garnered four raid points off Pahal.

Both are equally sturdy but if Delhi wants to lift their first PKL trophy, they’ll have to neutralise Bengal Warriors’ talisman. Both these players are not only just masters of their craft but are also highly calculative and adopts an effective approach against their opposition. The stats speak for Maninder but Pahal’s resolve might make Bengal’s journey difficult in the final.


One of the most prolific allrounders in the game, Mohammad Nabibaksh has been a guiding light for Bengal this season. He garnered a very crucial performance in the semi-final against Mumbai where he was the second-highest scorer for his team with a total of five points. And the opponent he needs to be most wary of is Anil Kumar, Delhi’s left corner defender.

Although, Nabi has just taken a sole raid point against Anil in the league stages, their definitive form in the semi-final is what keeps the clock ticking for their respective teams. It will be Delhi’s offence versus Bengal’s defence in the final and Nabibaksh’s all-round persona might just be too much for Anil to handle.

Feature image courtesy: Star Sports & Pro Kabaddi