Having a good defensive line of attack is of utmost importance for any team in the game of kabaddi. Just like catches win cricket matches, in kabaddi too, a team's defence ultimately determines the margin between victory and defeat.

Pinning down the opposition raider is not a solitary task. It requires the combined and collective effort of the entire team to step in and stop the raider from crossing the mid-line. Although the defensive point is awarded to the defender who first initiates a successful tackle, the contribution of supporting defenders, who are often the unsung heroes behind providing assists for the tackle, is just as important.

We look at some of the players from the last three editions of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) who have been instrumental in providing successful assists.



Tackle Points


Surinder Singh




Sunil Kumar




Vishal Mane




Jeeva Kumar




Parvesh Bhainswal




Parvesh Bhainswal - 153 assists

Parvesh Bhainswal has been a vital cog in Gujarat Fortunegiants' defence for the last three seasons. Bhainswal has a total of 153 assists from 71 games and stands fifth in the list of most number of assists provided in the previous three PKL seasons.

Always providing a supporting hand to Sunil Kumar in defence, the duo have together scored 49 percent of tackle points for Gujarat since the fifth season of the league.  

Jeeva Kumar - 154 assists

The veteran cover defender has been a crucial member for the franchisees that he has been a part of over the years. Kumar has been involved in providing 154 assists in the 71 matches he has played in the last three seasons, and his timely assists in crunch situations of the match have proven to be decisive on numerous occasions.

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Vishal Mane - 160 assists

The right cover defender does not have great numbers in the last three editions of the PKL in terms of tackle points scored. However, he stands at the third position in terms of number of assists provided.

Vishal has been involved in 160 assists in the 71 matches that he has played during the last three PKL seasons. The hefty Mumbaikar’s lethal dashes have proved to be a nightmare for raiders on many occasions.

Sunil Kumar - 184 assists

The Gujarat Fortunegiants skipper stands second in the list of most number of assists provided. Sunil Kumar has been involved in a total of 184 assists in his 68-match PKL career. He, along with Parvesh Bhainswal, have been a major force and both have led Gujarat to many successful victories over the last few seasons.

Surinder Singh - 196 assists

U Mumba's cover defender tops the list for most number of assists provided in the last three editions of the league. Surinder Singh has assisted a total of 196 times in his 68-match career so far.

He is most lethal in the final 10 minutes of the game, a time frame that accounts for a staggering 32 percent of his career PKL assists. Although the Himachal lad is criticised for his hasty tackles, his contribution in U Mumba's defence has been undeniable.

Feature image courtesy: Twitter / @Fortunegiants