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Game Rules

  • Users will get a total of '100 coins' for every match.
  • These coins can be split up between a maximum of 10 players or used on any one player as well.
  • Unused coins will lapse after each match and won’t be carried forward.
  • Entries once submitted cannot be changed.
  • Users shall win points only if their ‘pick’ matches the player announced as the Man of the Match in the post-match presentation.
  • Points calculation: Coins allotted to the winning player X 10 will be the total points earned per match. So, if you allot 30 points to a player and if he is the Man of the Match, you will earn 30 X 10 = 300 points.
  • Users will make it to the leaderboard according to the points earned on each match day.
  • The top three users having the most points on the leaderboard at the end of the League, shall be announced as the winners of the game.
  • First Prize: XXXX, Second Prize: XXXX, Third Prize: XXXX
  • Note: Google and Apple have no involvement in the prizes for SportsAdda

Terms and Conditions

  • SportsAdda reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to the users.
  • Your act of participating in the contest shall be deemed to be your absolute agreement to the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, and user generated content of SportsAdda as prescribed from time to time.
  • The winner shall be announced on the social handles of SportsAdda and/or Website or any other medium as SportsAdda may deem fit and necessary at its sole discretion.
  • If a potential winner is disqualified, or the prize is forfeited for any reason, SportsAdda will award the prize to the next eligible runner-up.
  • Participants’ personal information will be processed for the purpose of organising, running, and monitoring the contest and prize fulfilment.
  • Receiving a prize is contingent upon compliance with these rules.