Manchester United beating RB Leipzig 5-0 at Old Trafford in their second Champions League game of the 2020/21 season wasn't the only highlight reel of the night, to say the least. Julian Nagelsmann turning up in a jazzy suit was arguably one of the most eccentric talking points from the game.

Nigelsmann, a life-long Manchester United fan, said that the special occasion would require a 'special' outfit, and thus, came at Old Trafford with a fitting waistcoat, a silver tie and a white shiny jacket. He wasn't so keen on answering why he chose to wear such clothes in a Champions League game though. "Don't talk so much about my clothes. I wear what I like. I'm a football coach, not a model," he said after the game.

The German had already given a glimpse of what he had in store even before the game. Speaking about it, the 33-year-old had said, "I have a special one for Wednesday as well. The trouser will not be that special but the rest is kind of special. Not as special as the suit against PSG but it is ok. It is a bit British style.

"A friend of mine sent me messages about it and pictures from Instagram. It's not a problem. I only laugh about it. I wear these things I like and at the end I try to do my best with my work."

The fans, however, are in a disarray and this is how they are reacting: