Swiss super fan Luca Loutenbach, who became a viral sensation after the round of 16 UEFA Euro 2020 match between Switzerland and France in Bucharest on Monday, has been handed free business class flight tickets to go watch his country play Spain in the quarter-finals at Saint Petersburg on Friday.

Loutenbach experienced contrasting moods and his range of emotions within the span of a few minutes made him a viral sensation. While he looked in despair and agony in one image as Switzerland headed for a Euro exit, he was jubilant and euphoric in the next after his team equalised to take the match into extra time.

At one stage, Luca looked to be on the verge of tears with Switzerland heading out of the tournament as they trailed France going into the final minutes of normal time. 

However, a few moments later he had taken off his jersey and was seen zealously celebrating as Switzerland completed an improbable comeback to tie the score at 3-3 and take the game into extra time. His rollercoaster of emotions in the closing stages of normal time was captured on camera and went viral on social media. 

Switzerland later went on to register one of the biggest upsets in UEFA Euro history with a 5-4 win on penalties after Kylian Mbappe missed the decisive spot-kick.

In addition to the flight tickets, drinks brand Red Bull have got in touch with Luca to offer some freebies while the Swiss government wants him to be a part of their COVID-19 vaccination campaign. 

And if that weren’t enough, the Swiss Tourist Office has also offered to give him a relaxing break following UEFA Euro 2020.

This isn’t the first time a fan has gone viral after a passionate show of emotions. Muhammad Sarim Akhtar became a social media sensation during the 2019 Cricket World Cup in a match between Pakistan and Australia at Taunton.

The Pakistan fan was visibly upset after his team dropped a catch near the boundary ropes and his disappointed emotions were evident for all to see as the TV camera soon focused on him. He went on to become a viral sensation and is still frequently used as a meme.

Featured photo : AFP / Christophe Simon