Ronaldinho was arrested in Paraguay earlier this month for entering the country with a fake passport.

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Ronaldinho's arrest in Paraguay - for entering the country with a fake passport - has taken a hilarious turn.

The former World Cup winner with Brazil was detained by the Paraguayan police on 5th of March for allegedly attempting to cross the borders with a fake passport. His brother Roberto de Assis Moreira was also caught and both have since been held captive in a cell in Agrupación Especializada. 

The 39-year-old, meanwhile, has taken to the prison life pretty smoothly as he was seen busy signing autographs and drinking liquor with his fellow inmates.

And no, this is not the funniest part. It is a mere stroke of luck that the bi-annual futsal tournament arranged by the Paraguayan police department is here and the department has deemed Ronaldinho fit to participate in the tournament. It is said that the competition is staged every six months and this year's edition was planned before Ronaldinho's arrest.

Following this announcement, all the captains of the teams were trying their best to sign him up, just like old days when the biggest clubs in the world wanted to see him in their rosters.

However, playing against one of the most talented players to have graced the game is no simple task. So, the prisoners stipulated that Ronaldinho would be allowed to play, but he cannot score. A total of 194 inmates will be split into 10 different teams to participate in a 5v5 competition, which is chiefly recreational according to the police, and it will be rather fun to see him pulling off nutmegs against his opponents and still not scoring goals.

As far as the case is concerned, the court in Paraguay has refused his bail and rejected appeals for house arrest for both Ronaldinho and his brother.

Feature image courtesy: AFP / Norberto Duarte