A narrow 1-0 win over Norwich City away from home on Saturday has stretched Liverpool’s lead to a whopping 25 points in the Premier League. The Reds, who have conceded just 15 goals this season, have won 25 of the 26 league games in the campaign and are well on course to register a record point tally.

If Liverpool can maintain the consistency, they could finish their season with an astonishing 112 points. And if they remain unbeaten for the remaining 12 games, reports have it that they will be rewarded with a special golden Premier League trophy for their achievement, becoming only the second club to receive the honour.

Arsenal, who went unbeaten in the 2003-04 season, received a golden a Premier League title, although it was a smaller version of the usual silver title. For Liverpool, it is said that their win and draw record will be engraved on the base of the title.

As per the sources, informal discussions have begun between the Premier League officials about the aforementioned. Winning that coveted title, however, won’t be a cakewalk for the Reds despite the fact that there are only 12 games to play from this point on, with the reason being their line of fixtures. They face Atletico Madrid in the Champions League and if fatigue plays its part, their games against the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City are likely to hamper. They, in fact, play the Blues twice; once in the Premier League and once in the FA Cup.

Furthermore, even if we are to keep the fact aside that Liverpool will go unbeaten, the Reds need just 15 points from their remaining 12 games to be crowned as new champions of England, meaning that they only need three victories from this point on. Liverpool play West Ham (h), Watford (a), Bournemouth (h), Everton (a), Crystal Palace (h) in their next five matches.

The earlier they can win the title is at home to Bournemouth on March 7, but for that to happen, Manchester City need to drop six points over the period.

Feature image courtesy: AFP / Lindsey Parnaby