Getting bored at home? Take up the challenge and see if you can match the stars.

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The global pandemic has practically sent all of us into house-arrest for an indefinite period and nobody has a clue when this would end. With millions of people getting affected every day, it will take a long time to see the world around us going back to normal. 

The sporting world, on its part, is equally affected and in football alone, major tournaments like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 are postponed for now and Euro 2020 is shifted to 2021. In short, the footballers do not have much to do with their days. 

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#StayAtHomeChallenge gone wrong 🤭😂 @zulaypogba @paulpogba

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Since they have a lot of time in their hands, the athletes are showcasing their off-the-pitch talents on social media. Now, who doesn't like to get a sneak peek into their favourite stars' lives? We do!

Just shave it!

Hair has always been a very potent mode of expression for the footballers worldwide. And during the worldwide shutdown, the players have decided to take it out on their heads by shaving it altogether. Journalist Carl Anka has dedicated an entire series to keep a track of the players who have shaved their heads and it is a pretty long list!

Anthony Martial of Manchester United, Emiliano Buendia, Jan Vertonghen, Morgan Schneiderlin, Raul Jimenez, Ander Herrera have all started to go balding all of a sudden.

A Bored Milner is a lot of fun

Having won the Champions League and the Premier League, the 34-year-old central midfielder has a lot offer on the pitch apart from his experience and ability to play anywhere for the team. 

And the old-fashioned no-nonsense midfielder is not shying away from giving his fans something to be happy about in the tough times. 

The former Manchester City midfielder started the "Corona-break" by rationing his tea-bags into order. After being done with that monumental task, Milner found out another thing that needs to be done and that is cutting the grass to inch-perfect heights. Milner posted a video of him cutting the grass in his lawn with paper-scissors and a small scale. A champion requires proper playing conditions and Milner can't afford to get out of touch, so he is taking matters into his own hands. 

As we all know, education can never be neglected, so Milner made sure all the pencils in the house are sharpened and ready to use. But among all his videos, the one that has really sent the Twitterati in a frenzy is his “Isolation XI”. A line-up consisting of household articles that have resemblances with the players’ names.  A true self-sufficient man to follow, lads!

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@jamesmilnerofficial gives us his quarantine XI 🤣😂

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Harry’s tricks 

Tottenham winger Harry Winks has been spending time the British way. But yeah, his “way” of making tea might not be everyone’s “cuppa”! 

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Anyone for a morning cuppa? @harrywinks has got you covered! 🎯☕️

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Managers Winning hearts

Both Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho have been spotted participating in building goodwill during the lockdown period. 

While the Everton manager surprised a fan with motor neurone disease with a phone call, his Portuguese counter-part lent hands in supplying food and medicines to the elders and vulnerable members of the society. 

Dancing must go on!

Of course, if you are playing game after game one week and suddenly everything is brought to a sudden halt in the next, things can go a bit scary. So to get rid of the boredom, you can certainly do the things you like and spend time with the loved ones. While James Milner is busy doing the mundane things in life, his team-mate and compatriot, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and partner Perrie Edwards have put on their dancing boots. Recently, they have posted a video of their sleek dance moves on the social media which has gotten viral (the other viral). 

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@xavi is making the most out of his time at 🏡😁💃🏼🕺

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@kevindebruyne doesn't skip leg day 🦵😂

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The likes of Niko Tagliafico is also doing his #StayAtHome challenge with his partner. Real Betis star Marc Bartra's dance moves looked pretty enviable in a video he has posted with Melissa Jimenez.