There isn’t a bigger tournament in the world than the FIFA World Cup. The money flows in from everywhere for this legendary sporting event that dates back to a history of over 90 years and evidently, the prize money for being a part of it or winning it is also on the higher side. 

The prize money is usually determined based on the gate revenue, satellite earnings, advertising and other sources and by no means the cash flow in any of these pathways takes a dip. 

The winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will collect a staggering prize money of USD 42 million, USD 4 million more than the 2018 edition.

The overall prize money allocated for Qatar 2022 sums up to USD 440 million distributed among 32 teams. In Russia, the available pot was USD 400 million, out of which USD 38 million went out to the winners France, who defeated Croatia in the final. 

The prize money pot has been expanding with every passing edition of the tournament. In 1982, USD 20 million was distributed among 24 teams and it has increased by 22 times in the ongoing edition. 

FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money

Finishing position

Prize Money 


USD 42 million


USD 30 million 

Third Place

USD 27 million

Fourth Place

USD 25 million

Quarter Finals

USD 17 million

Round of 16

USD 13 million

Group stages

USD 9 million

FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money for teams that went out in group stage 

USD 9 million - Qatar, Ecuador, Wales, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Tunisia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Costa Rica, Serbia, Cameroon, Ghana, Uruguay

FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money for teams that reached round of 16

USD 13 million - USA, Senegal, Australia, Poland, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea

FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money for teams that reached quarter finals

USD 17 million - Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, England

FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money for top four teams

  • Fourth place team will earn USD 25 million
  • Third place team will earn USD 27 million
  • Runner-up will earn USD 30 million

Winner will earn USD 42 million

Photo Credit: Alamy