After Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fans were hoping to clutch a long-anticipated Champions League trophy in Sunday's finale, Bayern Munich's Kingsley Coman shattered those dreams with the lone goal of the night that made all the difference.

It rounded off an incredible unbeaten run that saw the German powerhouse win all 11 of their Champions League matches, a feat never pulled off before.

What made it all the more agonising for the PSG faithful was that Coman had spent a decade at PSG, coming up through their academy and then going on to confound their very first appearance at a UCL final. And he's just one of a bunch of PSG's academy graduates to have left in recent times, joining the likes of Adrien Rabot and Moussa Dembele.

As expected, social media went crazy following the event and we round up some of the best reactions:

Feature image courtesy: AFP / Miguel A. Lopes