There aren’t many footballers in the world like Cristiano Ronaldo, who can capture the world’s attention with not just his trickery and skill, but by the sheer magnitude of his presence. 

When Ronaldo enters a room, all the cameras turn towards him and it comes as no surprise that he is the most followed human being on social media. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest goal-scorer in football history with 807 goals for club and country, has a trademark celebration for every goal. He jumps in the air, stretches his arms out and shouts “siu”. 

Every time the Portuguese forward scores a goal, the entire stadium erupts with the “siu” chants to commemorate the moment. However, what does “siu” actually mean?

What does “siu” mean?

Siu is an extension of the word “Si” which means “yes” in Spanish. Ronaldo made it a habit of shouting siu whenever he scored a goal. 

However, the trademark celebration did not exist during his early years at Manchester United, where he became a global phenomenon. The celebration came into existence when he was playing for Real Madrid in Spain and Juventus in Italy. 

When Ronaldo returned to the Old Trafford club for a second spell in the summer of 2021, he scored twice on debut. On both occasions, the Old Trafford crowd shouted “siu” at the top of their voice alongside their beloved No. 7. 

The trend continued for every goal he scored, and in addition to that, the word “siu” would often trend on social media platforms like Twitter after a CR7 goal. 

From kids playing on school grounds to multiple amateur and professional footballers, the “siu” celebration was emulated by millions across the globe who love the sport and the individual doing it. 

Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Saudi club Al Nassr after terminating his contract with Manchester United. The footballer is expected to make his debut for the club at home against Al Ta’ee on January 5, or in the away fixture against Al Shabab on January 14.

Photo Credit: Alamy