In an era of extremity, football clubs try outstretching the enormous heights of extreme creativity which, without a shadow of doubt, keeps the fans on the edge of their seats. Barring the transfer market, of course, the new season brings a sense of compelling excitement with respect to the new kits being announced.

‘Creativity at its very best’ has been a motto for most of the clubs this season, and to say their effort hasn’t really disappointed would be an understatement. Right from paying homage to their heritage to bringing back the memories of the past, the thoughts and the ideas these clubs have put across on their shirts have been quite impressive.

Having said that, here are our top five kits from the 2019-20 football season:

Rank 5: Inter Milan (Away Kit)

Italian clubs and their pure sense of absolute fashion needs no introduction. As for Inter, Nike decided to portray the elegance and glamour of the city Milan on the jersey, and the stripes of gold and black on the collar as well as on the sleeves is the perfect specimen of that. The colours in fact are inspired from their goalkeeper shirt, which Julio Cesar donned during their historic 2009-10 treble-winning season.

Rank 4: Real Madrid (Second Kit)

Real Madrid are a club in progress, and all of their kits for the ongoing season has a deeper meaning to it. Their home kit, for instance, runs a golden theme on it which represents the success the club has tasted over the years. Their third kit, on the other hand, has a soul of the future of their home, Santiago Bernabeu. And so, as we speak of the away kit, it is dedicated to the fans and their support during the historic “La Décima” season. 

Rank 3: Chelsea (Third Kit)

Chelsea’s all-white polo collared away kit turned several heads upon its announcement. And this third kit is set to continue the trend with its all retro 90s flavour. Based on an all-black colourway, the flashes of bright orange shines as it covers the collar the sleeves, bringing back the memories of the past.

“You can see the ‘90s influence in fashion at the moment and I think the kit will appeal to pretty much everyone,” said Blues midfielder Mason Mount. “Younger fans will like that it has a streetwear vibe and older fans will appreciate the sentimentality, remembering club legends who donned the famous jersey and their memories of going to games.”

Rank 2: Crystal Palace (Away Kit)

With all the vivid graphics covering the front, this has to be one of the best away kits in the Premier League, to say the least. Also featuring their home colours of blue and red along with the vertical graphic, a classic V-shaped neck is followed by relatively longer sleeves, which Puma also experimented with Arsenal’s 2014/15 kit.

Rank 1: AS Roma (Home and Away)

Keep it as simple as you can, with a minimal flash of brilliance. Guess that was the insight the designers were given for both of Roma’s home and away kit. Whatever that was in reality, they came up with arguably the best kits of 2019-20 season. The home kit features the lightning bolt across the collar, sleeves and the socks, and carries a significant meaning to it.

“Roman mythology and its influence on Roman Identity played a huge part in the concept,” explains Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. “This year, Jupiter was our focus, and the lightning bolt was an obvious and powerful symbol to hone in on.”

The away kit, on the other hand, has a single bolt of thunder which covers the front of the kit.

“When you combine Roma’s famous colours with the depth of the city’s mythology then you have a really potent mix," Hoppins added. "The lightning theme is a powerful concept for 2019/20, and I think both the home and away kits give fresh takes while staying true to the club’s identity.”

Feature image courtesy: AFP / Tiziana Fabi