Gone are the days when football jersey were just uniforms. They are now fashion accessories. Through social media, football teams across Europe make an event out of their jersey reveals to entice and excite their fans.

While jerseys can be hit-and-miss, the five below certainly nailed it and will be surely be copped by their fans as well as neutrals:

Barcelona (away)

The Blaugrana opted for a black and gold colour combination for their away jersey and evidently, it looks stellar. 

While the gold stripe on the sleeve and the collar adds to the aesthetic of the jersey, what stands out is the black and gold colourway being integrated into the club badge as well as the sponsor logos. A stunning jersey for some of the world’s finest players.

Bayern Munich (home)

Year in and year out, the Bayern Munich home jersey is consistently one of the best in Europe.

Partly owned by jersey sponsors Adidas, the German sporting giants have always designed terrific jerseys for the eight-time reigning Bundesliga champions.

The iconic red jersey has barely visible stripes through the center that add some suave to an already outstanding looking jersey. The Adidas stripes on the sides and the thin white edge on the sleeves and the collar also add to the jersey’s overall look.

Juventus (home)

After ditching their iconic black stripes on a white kit last season, Juventus have gone back to their roots and the result is outstanding.

Stylish black stripes, gold print for the sponsors and the club badge and their iconic white make this one of the best jerseys launched so far.

AS Roma (away)

Like Bayern Munich, AS Roma simply do not fail to impress with their team kits.

While their home jersey is a beauty, their away kit is simply spectacular. White throughout with maroon stripes on the sides and the edge of the sleeves, along with a maroon collar with a yellow line make this is a must-have for neutrals.

For the logo, they opted for their iconic Lupetto logo that prominently featured on their jerseys in the seventies and eighties, designed by the great Piero Gratton, who died earlier this year.

Manchester City (away)

While their home jersey has raised a lot of eyebrows with its cracking design, Manchester City’s away jersey has earned nothing but praise.

Black and copper with a design in the centre inspired by the Castlefield and the Bridgewater canal in Manchester, the jersey looks outstanding and will surely be a fan-favourite among the City faithful.

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