The Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 is scheduled to start on December 8 and conclude on December 8 in Tampa, United States.

Hosted by Rizzo and Jamesbot, the Solo Q Finals 2023 is a professional 2v2 Rocket League offline American tournament.

Developed and published by Psyonix, the Rocket League video game was first released on PlayStation 4 and Windows. It was later launched on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League is contested between two teams comprising up to eight players each. The two teams compete using rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into the opposition’s goal and score more points than the opposing team.

Featuring single-player and multiplayer modes, Rocket League is played both locally and online.

As many as eight online event winners will compete in the Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 eSports tournament to be held at the Moist Esports HQ in Tampa.

Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 participants

The Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 will see eight top Rocket League players battle for the coveted title.

US-based Chicago and Daniel have qualified from Solo Q: Event #1, which was an online North American Qualifier held in November.

Other two American players Atomic and CHEESE secured their spots in the LAN finals from the Solo Q: Event #2 hosted in November.

Spain’s Cristian Fernandez (crr) and USA’s Paarth advanced to the offline final from the Solo Q: Event #3 in November.

BeastMode and Chronic of the United States advanced to the Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 from the Solo Q: Event #4 held in December.

All the four Solo Q online qualifiers were staged in a single-elimination bracket. Matches were played in a best-of-five series.

  • Chicago and Daniel
  • Atomic and CHEESE
  • Cristian Fernandez (crr) and Paarth
  • BeastMode and Chronic

Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 prize pool

The Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 has a total prize pool of $40,000 USD.

Where to watch the Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 live?

Live streaming of the Solo Q LAN Finals 2023 will be available on Rizzo’s Twitch channel.

Photo credit: Alamy