The PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter is scheduled to start on January 16 and will run till February 4.

Organised by popular video game company Krafton, the PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter is an online continental tournament.

As many as 24 top PUBG teams from Asia will compete in the upcoming A-Tier eSports tournament.

The tournament is an off-season replacement for the PUBG Continental Series with no implication towards the year's Global Championship cycle.

Thailand-based team Theerathon Five won the PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Summer back in May.

Theerathon Five pipped Genius Esports and New Generation Esports to clinch the title in the summer.

PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter schedule and format

The PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter will see the 24 participating teams divided into three groups of eight teams each.

Teams in each group will play against teams from other groups (AvsB, BvsC & AvsC). Each team will play a total of 15 matches in the group stage.

The top eight teams will advance directly to the Grand Finals. The teams placed from ninth to 24th will move to the Last Chance, where each team will again play 10 matches.

The best eight teams from the Last Chance stage will also make the Grand Finals, which will see 24 matches being played to determine the winner of the tournament.

PUBG Asia Super Cup 2024 Winter groups and teams

The 24 teams made the cut for the PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter through various qualifying tournaments.

The top seven teams from Thailand Series and as many from Vietnam series will feature in the PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter.

Additionally, top four teams from PUBG Challenger Rumble 2023 Season 2 and three each from Japan Championship 2023 and Master League 2023 have secured their places in the upcoming tournament.

Here are the 24 participants for the PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter.

  • Theerathon Five (Thailand Series)
  • FW Esports (Thailand Series)
  • Buriram United Esports (Thailand Series)
  • QConfirm (Thailand Series)
  • Armory Gaming (Thailand Series)
  • Daytrade Gaming (Thailand Series)
  • Purple Mood E-Sport (Thailand Series)
  • Cerberus Esports (Vietnam Series)
  • New Generation (Vietnam Series)
  • Unicorn Cyber (Vietnam Series)
  • The Expendables (Vietnam Series)
  • Dang Khoa Gaming (Vietnam Series)
  • New House Esports (Vietnam Series)
  •  Rạp Xiếc Esport (Vietnam Series)
  • From The Future (SEA Challenger Rumble)
  • FURY (SEA Challenger Rumble)
  • Exo Clan (SEA Challenger Rumble)
  • Arkangel Predator (SEA Challenger Rumble)
  • Arctix Gaming (Japan Championship)
  • NOSH (Japan Championship)
  • Four Man Bow (Japan Championship)
  • PMA (Master League)
  • Xavage Men Esports (Master League)
  • Pixel Stars (Master League)

Group A: Theerathon Five, Exo Clan, PMA, NOSH, QConfirm, Dang Khoa Gaming, New House Esports, Unicorn Cyber

Group B: Cerberus Esports, ArkAngel Predator,  FURY, FW Esports, Armory Gaming,  The Expendables, Pixel Stars, Arctix Gaming

Group C: Daytrade Gaming, Four Man Bow, From the Future, Buriram United Esports, New Generation Esports, Rạp Xiếc Esport, Xavage Men Esports, Purple Mood E-Sport

PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter prize pool

The PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter has a total prize pool of $100,000 USD.

The winner of the marquee eSports tournament will receive a cash prize of $20,000 USD.

The second and third-placed teams will get $8,000 USD and $7,000 USD, respectively.

Where to watch PUBG Asia Super Cup 2023 Winter live?

Live streaming of the PUBG Asia Super Cup 2024 Winter will be available on PUBG Esports’ YouTube and Twitch channels.

Photo credit: Alamy