The PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 Prelims will start on April 1 and conclude on April 3 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Organised by Krafton, Level Infinite and Nodwin Gaming, as many as 24 teams will compete in the PMGO 2024 Prelims.

The ongoing marquee eSports tournament is the first international event of the 2024 PUBG Mobile competitive season.

PMGO 2024 Prelims schedule and format

The PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 Prelims will see 24 teams battle across three days. 

These participating teams include 16 teams from the 2024 PUBG Mobile partnership program and teams placed from second to ninth in the PMGO 2024 Qualifiers Finals.

As per the format, these 24 teams have been divided into three groups of eight teams each.

The PMGO 2024 Prelims will be staged in a round-robin format. A total of 18 matches will be played in this stage, with each group competing in 12 matches.

Earlier, the PMGO 2024 Qualifiers Finals was held from March 28-30.

HFIYS Esports, the top-ranked team in the PMGO 2024 Qualifiers Finals, has qualified for the main event.

PMGO 2024 Prelims teams and groups

Here are the teams that will compete in the PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 Prelims. 

  • Death Wolves (Brazil)
  • Team Falcons (Mongolia)
  • Zebra Master (Brazil)
  • Insanity Sport (Brazil)
  • Royals of War (Mexico)
  • Horaa Esports (Nepal)
  • Smoke Gaming (Brazil)
  • INCO Gaming (Brazil)
  • Influence Rage (Brazil)
  • Furia Esports (Brazil)
  • Team Liquid (Brazil)
  • All Glory Gaming V2 (Mexico)
  • 9z Team (Chile)
  • Team Queso (Chile)
  • N Hyper Esports (North America)
  • Natus Vincere (Kazakhstan)
  • Nigma Galaxy (UAE)
  • Virtus pro (Russia)
  • Fire Flux Esports (Turkey)
  • IW NRX (Turkey)
  • Fut Kaos (Turkey)
  • RC Bra Esports (Turkey)
  • Vampire Esports (Thailand)
  • D’Xavier (Vietnam)

Here are the three groups that will play against each other in a round-robin format.

Group A: INCO Gaming, Team Falcons, Royals of War, FURIA Esports, 9z Team, Natus Vincere, Regnum Carya Bra Esports, Nigma Galaxy

Group B: Smoke Gaming, Insanity Sports, Zebra Master, Team Liquid, N Hyper Esports,, IW NRX, D'Xavier

Group C: Death Wolves, Horaa Esports, Team Queso, INFLUENCE RAGE, All Glory Gaming V2, Fire Flux Esports, FUT Esports, Vampire Esports

PMGO 2024 Prelims prize pool

The PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 has a total prize of USD 500,000.

Meanwhile, PMGO 2024 Prelims has a total prize pool of USD 80,000 while the main event will offer a total prize pool of USD 356,000.

The winner of the main event will bag USD 100,000 while the runner-up will receive USD 50,000.

Where to watch PMGO 2024 Prelims live

Live streaming of the PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 Prelims will be available on PUBG Mobile Esports’ YouTube, Facebook and Twitch channels.

Photo credit: Alamy