The Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) Spring China is scheduled to start on February 22 and run till May 19.

PEL is China's highest level professional league for Peacekeeper Elite, a Chinese rebranded version of PUBG Mobile.

Ahead of the upcoming season, organisers Tencent have announced some changes to the rules for PEL 2024 Spring China.

Tianba are the defending champions of the tournament after clinching the PEL 2023 Spring China last year. Meanwhile, Six Two Eight finished as runners-up in the previous edition.

PEL 2024 Spring China dates and format

The PEL 2024 Spring China will be staged in three different phases - the Regular Season, Playoffs, and Finals, just like the previous season. 

As many as 20 teams will compete in the Regular Season across seven weeks from February 22 to April 21.

The top four teams from the overall standings will advance to the Finals, while the remaining 16 will feature in the four-day Playoffs from May 2-5.

The top 12 teams from the playoffs will advance to the Finals scheduled to be held from May 17-19.

PEL 2024 Spring China teams

Here are the franchise teams that will participate in the PEL 2024 Spring China.

  • Titan Esports Club
  • Team Weibo
  • TeamPai
  • ThunderTalk Gaming
  • LGD Gaming
  • Tianba
  • Wolves Esports
  • All Gamers
  • Six Two Eight
  • ShowTime
  • JD Esports
  • Nova Esports
  • Tong Jia Bao Esports
  • Vision Esports
  • The Chosen
  • Four Angry Men
  • Action Culture Technology
  • Regans Gaming
  • J Team

PEL 2024 Spring China new rules

As per the new rules, the PEL 2024 Spring China will see each kill being awarded just a solitary point in all the circles of any game.

Earlier, each kill was counted as two points during the first two circles. 

Furthermore, Tencent stated that the names of any knocked down players will be shown with a code instead of their ID/name. Their name will be displayed only after the elimination of that player. 

PEL 2024 Spring China prize pool

The PEL 2023 Spring China had a total prize pool of ¥17,120,000 CNY ( $2,486,096 USD) last year.

The PEL 2024 Spring China total prize pool is yet to be revealed.

Where to watch PEL 2024 Spring China live

Live streaming of the PEL 2024 Spring China will be available on PEC's Douyu TV channel and channel. 

Photo credit: Alamy