The Overwatch Champions Series 2024 is a new international competitive circuit open to players across North America (NA), Europe, Middle East, and North Africa (EMEA), and Asia.

Organised by Blizzard Entertainment, the OWCS 2024 is the revamped format that will replace the Overwatch League.

The upcoming edition will witness numerous competitive stages where each region will have its own set of Open Qualifiers. Furthermore, it will offer players the ability to form their own teams and compete for their place in the Main Event. 

Overwatch Champions Series 2024 schedule 

The Overwatch Champions Series 2024 will start from February 2024 and conclude with the seasonal finale in November 2024.

The OWCS 2024 will begin Stage 1 Qualifiers in Asia. The new series will then set foot in March 2024 with Stage 1 Qualifiers and Stage 1 Main Event for NA and EMEA, and a continued Asian round-robin stage commencing with the Asian Stage 1 Qualifiers in February.

The Stage 2 Qualifiers and Stage 2 Main Event for NA and EMEA alongside Asia’s Playoffs and Stage 1 Main Event will be held in April 2024.

As per the new format, the top seeded teams from each region will battle at the International stage and compete for the mid-season title in May 2024.

The mid-season Majors will take place in DreamHack Dallas from May 31 to June 2, 2024.

Meanwhile, the Asia region will stage Stage 2 Qualifiers, Round Robin, Playoffs, and Stage 2 Main event till October 2024. 

It will host three regional subdivisions: South Korea, Japan, and Pacific. Each subdivision will host multiple tournaments, with formats tailored to each local audience, all with the direct purpose of qualifying teams up to the OWCS.

The Asian teams will feature in two competitive stages throughout the year, with each stage culminating in a respective international OWCS event. 

Each competitive stage will be operated by WDG with each subdivision featuring their own respective Open Qualifiers leading into Regional Tournaments.

These Regional Tournaments will then determine the best teams from each of the subdivisions to advance to the two OWCS Asia Championship tournaments throughout the year. 

At each OWCS Asia Championship event, fans can watch their favourite teams from across all of Asia in person as they compete at the WDG Esports Studio in South Korea for their spot at our global events.

All Asian playoffs will also have some spots reserved for wild-card entries throughout the season.

The OWCS 2024 Finals will be held in DreamHack Stockholm in November 2024, where all the qualified teams will participate in a battle to covet the champion's title.

Overwatch Champions Series 2024 format

The OWCS 2024 will kickstart with qualifiers in the first week and have a total of nine rounds. 

The next fortnight will witness a group stage and feature the top 16 teams to determine the ones that performed better than the others. 

As per the format, the top two teams from each group will advance to the main event in week 4. It will be held in a double-elimination format. This whole procedure will be run through Blizzard’s new partner, FACEIT.

Photo credit: Alamy