The Halo World Championship (HWC) 2023 is all set to get underway on October 13 at Seattle in Washington, US and will conclude on October 15. The Seattle Convention Center is the venue for the tournament.

A first-person shooter video game from a military science fiction franchise, the Halo World Championship 2023 is an invite-only eSports tournament where the top 16 teams from across the globe will be participating.

Organised by Esport Engine and 343 Industries, this upcoming tournament will use the Halo infinite version of the game and has a prize pool of $1,000,000 USD.

The 16 teams that are participating in this tournament have been split into four groups of four each in the pool play round and here are the teams in each group.

Halo World Championship 2023 groups and teams

Group A: OpTic Gaming, Gamers First, Complexity Gaming, Divine Mind 

Group B: Spacestation Gaming, Sentinels, Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming  

Group C: Native Gaming Red, Shopify Rebellion, Native Gaming White, Ascending Baseline

Group D: FaZe Clan, Quadrant, LVT, Natus Vincere

Halo World Championship 2023 format

As far as the format for Halo World Championship 2023 is concerned, it has been divided into two phases - the first is the Play Pool round and the second is the Championship Bracket.

In the Playpool Round, the four teams from the four groups will compete against each other once in a round-robin format with all clashes being best-of-five games.

The top two teams from each group after all the Pool Play matches are played will progress to Upper Bracket Round 1, while the third-placed team will qualify for the Lower Bracket Round 1 and the bottom-placed team in the group will be eliminated.

The next stage of Halo World Championship 2023 known as the Championship Bracket will witness 12 remaining teams compete in their respective brackets in the double-elimination format where all contest winners will be decided after best-of-five games.

Teams will continue to play each other in the aforementioned manner up until the final where the last teams standing will compete in best-of-five games for the prestigious Halo World Championship.

The winner of the previous edition of HWC was OpTic Gaming who are a part of Group A for the upcoming edition in which they are one of the favourites to mount a successful championship defence.

Where to watch Halo World Championship 2023? 

Live streaming of Halo World Championship 2023 or HWC 2023 will be available on the official Halo Twitch and YouTube channels.

Photo credit: Alamy