The FNCS 2023 Global Championship is all set to begin on October, 13 at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is the online video game that will be played at the FNCS 2023 Global Championship.

FNCS 2023 is the 17th season of the Fortnite Championship Series and it introduces huge changes to the FNCS system with an updated format that is split into three major weekly events in the build-up to the major tournament.

One of the most eagerly-anticipated eSports events of the year, the FNCS 2023 Global Championship will end on October 15 and is set to be a three-day tournament.

A total of 74 Duos will compete across the three days for the coveted FNCS 2023 Global Championship trophy and the prize pool for this tournament is an attractive $4,000,000 USD.

With that in mind, let’s take a close look at the FNCS 2023 Global Championship’s schedule, dates, and format.

FNCS 2023 Global Championship schedule, dates, and format

FNCS 2023 stage


Upper Bracket

October 13

Lower Bracket

October 14

Grand Finals

October 15

Action in FNCS 2023 will begin with the Upper Bracket round on Friday, October 13. A total of 50 Duos that qualified from the Major rounds will participate in five matches during this stage.

Scoring at this stage will be based on placements and eliminations with the top 25 Duos at the end of games advancing to the Grand Finals, while the bottom 25 Duos fall to the Lowe Bracket round.

In the Lower Bracket round, which commences on Saturday, October 14, the 25 Duos that fell from the Upper Bracket and the 24 teams that qualified from the Last Chance Major will compete in another five matches.

At the end of the round, the top 25 Duos will qualify for the Grand Finals, while the remaining Duos at the bottom will be eliminated. Scoring in this round will also be based on placement and eliminations.

On the last day of the FNCS 2023 Global Championship, the 25 qualified Duos from both the Upper and Lower Brackets will compete against each other on Sunday, October 15. 

They will square off in six matches with scoring based on placement and eliminations and the winning duo at the end of it all will be declared the new World Champion at FNCS 2023 Global Championship.

Where to watch FNCS 2023 Global Championship live?

Live streaming of the FNCS 2023 Global Championship will be available on Fortnite’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.

Photo credit: Alamy