Battlegrounds Mobile India has launched the WOW (World of Wonder) Mode in the recent BGMI update.

The BGMI WOW mode has made a return in the BGMI 3.1 update with smaller, unique maps with different rules in comparison to the traditional format.

With the introduction of the BGMI WOW mode, the BGMI 3.1 offers an exhilarating, interesting and engaging gameplay option. Get BGMI WOW mode codes list.

BGMI WOW mode codes: Know how to join and play

Dogs of War (Map Code: 000-010-047): Here a gamer will engage in battles with cannons and guns. The main goal is to eliminate all opponents to claim victory.

Saiyan Sprint Circuit (Map Code: 000-010-073): Race to win using parkour and portals.

Robot Fight SHIBUYA (Map Code: 000-010-075): Here a player will drive robots and fight in the streets of 

Robot Fight BATTLEFIELD (Map Code: 000-010-077): In this map, players will drive a robot and fight on the battlefield.

Blast Battlefield (Map Code: 000-010-087): The Blast Battlefield is an explosive arena where players use missile launchers, grenade launchers, and other explosive weapons.

Courtyard TDM (Map Code: 000-010-085): The team that reaches the specified number of eliminations first wins.

Pan Ball (Map Code: 000-010-072): Gamers can play cricket using pans as bats.

Jump Bro Jump (Map Code: 000-010-000): In this mode, players will spawn on the top floor of a high building and land on the ground without dying.

How to enter BGMI WOW mode codes

Step 1: Open map selection in the game which is located at the bottom left of the lobby screen.

Step 2: Select WOW mode.

Step 3: Enter your favourite map code and play the game.

BGMI WOW mode will provide Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers with a plethora of attractive gameplay options, serving diverse multiple preferences and styles. Now, go and enjoy the mode.

Photo credit: Alamy