Battlegrounds Mobile India enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the BGMI next update date.

BGMI developer Krafton is known to launch a major update every two months. Each BGMI update is based on a certain theme. Additionally, notable changes are made to classic mode and new features are also introduced.

The BGMI 3.2 update was rolled out on May 29 with a new Mecha Fusion Theme Mode along with new POI, Assembly Base, and more.

The latest BGMI update focused mostly on optimising online multiplayer battle royale game's performance while improving in gameplay, and frame rates and also reducing lag on lower-end devices, in particular.

Furthermore, changes to weapon balance were seen, meaning there were adjustments in specific weapons to guarantee a more stabilised and competitive gameplay experience.

While the BGMI 3.2 update has received praise from all quarters, BGMI fanatics have keenly been waiting for the BGMI 3.3 update. The question all passionate Battlegrounds Mobile India fans are asking is when is the BGMI next update date

BGMI next update date 

The BGMI next update date will be between July 24, 2024 and August 6, 2024. However, developer Krafton is yet to provide an official confirmation on the BGMI 3.3 update release date.

As per leaks, Krafton will offer underwater battles and exciting new features with the upcoming BGMI 3.3 update.

The BGMI next update will bring in a new mode -  the new Atlantis Mode. Gamers can engage in enthralling battles designed for underwater combat with special mechanics and interplay.

Apart from the new Atlantis Mode, BGMI 3.3 update will also feature Ocean Palace, a new point of interest (POI). 

The leaks have also revealed players can fly in the BGMI 3.3 update with the help of Flying StingRay. These randomly spawned StingRay fishes can be discovered as part of the ground loot which will offer another tactical gameplay.

Additionally, the BGMI next update date will comprise powerful trident weapons at specific Points of interest (POI). These new weapons will allow gamers to create tornadoes to lift and throw enemies. It can also be used to eliminate enemies.

The Erangel Map could also see some changes in the BGMI 3.3 update as per leaks. Some structural changes are expected in Mylta areas.

Photo credit: Alamy