BGMI Bonus Challenge has been reintroduced by developer Krafton in the popular Battlegrounds Mobile India after a long wait.

The move to bring back the popular BGMI Bonus Challenge will surely excite the Battlegrounds Mobile India community. Know more about the BGMI Bonus Challenge.

BGMI Bonus Challenge: All you need to know

BGMI Bonus Challenge is a unique event in Battlegrounds Mobile India where players can participate in matches and win rewards.

The much desired BGMI Bonus Challenge will offer players a chance to claim exclusive in-game rewards including UC (Unknown Cash), a rare commodity in the game along with weapon skins, parachute skins, and much more. 

The BGMI Bonus Challenge was first introduced in the game after it became an instant hit in PUBG Mobile, the global version of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile offered players with weekly rewards, which normally comprised a couple of Bonus Challenge Vouchers, Silver Fragments, and Battle Points (BP) based on their in-game ranks. 

Later, gamers could utilise these Bonus Challenge Vouchers to compete in 

Players could then use these Bonus Challenge Vouchers to participate in different matches, which involved Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Classic match, or complete challenges. 

Depending on the match or challenge the gamers picked, the players used to get Battle Coins in their Mailboxes after finishing the match or challenge. 

Additionally, the gamers could redeem these Battle Coins Unknown Cash (UC), Weapon Skin, Parachute Skin, and Bonus Challenge Vouchers.

In PUBG Mobile, the Bonus Challenge was the only event that allowed gamers to bag free UC.

With the return of BGMI Bonus Challenge, gamers can initially play classic matches where they can compete on the Erangel map. 

Steps to locate BGMI Bonus Challenge

  • Click on the up-arrow on the bottom right corner of the home screen of BGMI
  • Select the option named - Matches
  • You’ll get two options on the screen, one is BGMI Esports and other is Bonus Challenge. The first option is for the official BGMI tournament which is currently available, so select on the select option that is Bonus Challenge.
  • After selecting, you’ll get to see two options to register for the BGMI Bonus Challenge, the first is Advanced while the second is for Beginner. Based on your needs, select either the Advanced or Beginner option.
  • In the beginner option, you’ll have to pay only one bonus challenge voucher to enter the match and can earn 15 bonus points per enemy eliminated. You’ll earn bonus points based on the rank you’ll finish.
  • In order to redeem the bonus points, you’ll see the “UC Bonus Challenge” option in the events where you can claim 100 UC for 1000 Bonus points, 300 UC for 3000 Bonus points, 600 UC for 6000 Bonus points. 

Photo credit: Alamy