GTA 5 Online’s Ghosts Exposed is one of the Halloween 2023 updates where the gamer’s goal is to photograph 10 ghosts in various locations. 

As per the rules of the game, these GTA 5 ghosts will appear at set times daily between 8 PM and 6 AM in-game time, in select locations. 

All entities in Grand Theft Auto 5 ghosts except the final one have two locations where you can find them. Additionally, it must be noted that the final ghost will only appear once the gamer has captured all the first nine. 

It will spawn in the middle of the night/early morning, so one may need to wait until the following night to complete the game.

Each captured ghost will reward you with $20,000 and 500 RP and with a bonus of $50,000 after all 10 ghosts are photographed, making the total rewards for this activity $250,000 and 5,000 RP. 

Additionally, you will get a free unique livery, Ghosts Exposed, for the Albany Brigham vehicle. Here’s a synopsis of every GTA 5 ghost location in the Halloween 2023 update:

GTA 5 ghost locations: Know them all

All timings as per in-game times:

  • Ghost 1 (8 PM - 9 PM) - Head to Grapespeed and locate a barn. The ghost can be found on the upper floor of the barn in this location.
  • Ghost 2 (9 PM - 10 PM) - You can find the second ghost in the window of a white abandoned trailer home at Algonquin Blvd in Sandy Shores.
  • Ghost 3 (10 PM - 11 PM) - Find this ghost near an abandoned old broken bus next to Maude's trailer in Grapeseed.
  • Ghost 4 (11 PM - 12 AM) - Look for the El Gordo Lighthouse. You can find the ghost at the base of the lighthouse or on top of it.
  • Ghost 5 (1 AM - 2 AM) - Approach a destroyed home on Joshua Road in Harmony and find the ghost on top of the porch of the house.
  • Ghost 6 (2 AM - 3 AM) - Visit the Hill Valley Church in Great Chaparral. The apparition will be either on top of the church or in the graveyard.
  • Ghost 7 (3 AM - 4 AM) - Come over to the most northeastern house in Paleto Bay. The spectre can be inside the roof of a house or behind the window on the ground floor.
  • Ghost 8 (4 AM - 5 AM) - Visit the waterfall in Tongva Valley. You can find the ghost at the top of the waterfall or on the rock to the left in the middle of the waterfall.
  • Ghost 9 (5 AM - 6 AM) - Head to Raton Canyon Bridge. The phantom will either be on top of the mouth of a train tunnel or near the middle of the railway track, next to the parachute power up.
  • Ghost 10 (12 AM - 1 AM) - This ghost will only be available after you've captured the previous nine. You can find Johnny Klebitz's ghost on the same road intersection where Trevor killed him.

Who is the ghost of Mount Gordo in GTA 5

Another ghost in GTA 5 is the infamous phantom of Jolene Cranley-Evans, who is Jock Cranley's late wife. She is known as the ghost of Mount Gordo in GTA 5.

Jolene became a spirit after her husband Jock pushed her off the cliff from Mount Gordo, one of three peaks in San Andreas in GTA 5.

The reason Jock threw her off the cliff is due to a dispute between the married couple. While Jolene wanted to take care of her parents and manage their successful guest home business, Jock insisted on leaving Blaine County to fulfil his ambition of becoming a stuntman.  

How to find the ghost of Mount Gordo in GTA 5

Near the peak of Mount Gordo, gamers can find the name JOCK, which appears to be written in blood on a large, flat rock on the ground.

In order to capture the ghost, the players must visit the place near the rock between 23:00 and 00:00.

The ghost appears to be female with long black hair and donning a white dress or a robe. The phantom appears to be slightly translucent.

While it appears to fade away upon approach, the spectre can still be visible through a sniper sight or the phone's camera.

The female ghost has a permanent petrified open-mouthed expression on her face with empty white eyes staring directly in front of her. However, it can move in a slight circular motion, as if to arouse a wind cyclone.

Photo credit: Alamy