Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), developed by Krafton, is one of India's most popular online multiplayer battle royale experiences. 

Some recent estimates even suggest a staggering 34 million registered BGMI accounts in India, with an impressive 16 million users engaging daily for extensive periods.

BGMI offers an electrifying fusion of third-person perspective (TPP) and first-person perspective (FPP) survival shooting dynamics. 

Up to 100 players dive into the fray simultaneously, vying to be the top performer in a gripping battle royale setup, where only one individual emerges victorious - the last man standing.

This adrenaline-fueled showdown has entranced millions nationwide, solidifying BGMI's position as the nation's top eSports game of choice.

To master the game, one has to be well versed with several aspects of the game such as map knowledge, weapon mastery, sensitivity and controls. 

Here, we focus on the claw control setup in BGMI and explore the control code that you need to master to be successful in the game. 

So without further ado, let’s look at what claw control exactly stands for in the game and the best 4 finger claw BGMI control code.

Best 4 finger claw BGMI control code

Before delving into the best 4 finger claw BGMI control code, let’s first understand what exactly a claw setup is.

As the term hints, a claw control setup basically refers to the point when a BGMI player utilises three or more fingers to play the game.

As a result, the player’s fingers tend to look like a claw-like structure when surrounding the device.

There are several claws control types in BGMI such as the three finger, four finger, and five finger claw control setup. 

While the three and four finger claw control setups are deemed to be the most popular, experienced gamers are known to even use a seven finger claw control setup.

With the basic concept of claw control types now clear, here are the best 4 finger claw BGMI control codes.

There are four separate 4 finger claw setups that each player should customise to his or her preference and layout based on comfort as well as reach of their fingers. 

The 4 finger claw layout enables a player to control several buttons with each finger and players have to turn on the Gyroscope option with the 4 finger claw setup since it lets players have swift movements and spray transfers. Below is one of the best 4 finger claw layout codes: 

  • 7287-8065-0627-7275-430

Another thing worth noting is that all 4 finger claw layout comes with its pros and cons. This is exactly why each player must utilise the best claw control layout and customise it as per their comforts.

In most cases, players have one of the fire buttons in the top left corner while the other is opposite in the bottom right corner.

While the top left button is used for sprays, the bottom right button can be utilised in single tap weapons such as the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) for instance. 

Assuming the aforementioned layout isn’t catering to the comforts of a player, they can also try using the below 4 finger claw layouts which are more than handy. 

  • 7264-8149-6651-2816-313
  • 7120-0657-6534-5090-237

Summing up, before anything a player must have great sensitivity to master the 4 finger claw setup and be successful in BGMI. Hence, a sensitivity setting that enables accurate aim and swift movement are a couple of prerequisites to master the 4 finger claw setup.

Photo credit: Alamy