Zimbabwean cricketer Ryan Burl has found himself in the middle of a controversy after the 27-year-old shared pictures of his worn-out shoes on Twitter, asking for sponsorship.

The all-rounder requested sponsorship for his national team considering the dearth of basic stuff required to play the game. While Puma cricket responded in the affirmative, the Zimbabwe Cricket Board hasn’t found the approach appropriate from Burl.

According to journalist Adam Theo, the officials in the board are unhappy by Burls’s plea. “I’m told that certain members high up in Zimbabwe Cricket are angry at Ryan Burl’s plea for sponsorship help as it reflects badly on the organisation,” the journalist tweeted.

“I’m also told that the same members want disciplinary action to be enforced. This would be a terrible move by Zim Cricket.

“Knowing how ZC works, this won’t be public disciplinary action but rather behind the doors nonsense. Don’t be surprised to see team selection omissions and similar techniques used. Hope I’m wrong,” Theo further added.

Back in 2013, former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh also helped the Zimbabwean cricketers with new cricket kits. The off-spinner was shocked by the state of the kits used by some of the players.

Burl made his debut in 2017 and since then has represented Zimbabwe in two Tests and 18 ODIs. Recently, Zimbabwe hosted Pakistan for Tests and T20s and ended up losing both the series. They are scheduled to travel to Ireland in August to play three ODIs and as many T20Is.

Featured photo: AFP / Aamir Qureshi