Ahead of the start of Indian T20 League 2023, two-time winners of the tournament Team Kolkata added the newest member to their family by launching their very own mascot known as Kay the Knight.

In essence, a mascot is the team’s emblem that symbolises its achievements, and in the past other Indian T20 League sides have had unique mascots of their own, which are made using cartoons, animations, props, costumes, and more.

A mascot could also be a person, animal, or object that is a symbolic representation of the team, and in Team Kolkata’s case, it is Kay the Knight.

The mascot will support and cheer on the Kolkata Team throughout Indian T20 League 2023 by being present in their upcoming games.

Kay the Knight made his debut by appearing for the first time as a part of the Team Kolkata squad ahead of the two-time champions’ fixture against Team Bangalore at the Eden Gardens Stadium.

Despite just being the team mascot, Kay the Knight will have a role to play in the ongoing season for Kolkata. Apart from adding a fun and humorous element to the team dynamics within the squad, Kay the Knight will also be a funny and entertaining attraction with who fans can connect and build a relationship between Team Kolkata and its fans.

Kay the Knight, of course, isn’t Team Kolkata’s first innovation that set them apart from the other Indian T20 League franchises. When the Indian T20 League first began in 2008, the Kolkata-based franchise had set the internet on fire with their catchy song korbo lorbo jeetbo re which roughly translates to, we will do it, fight and win.

Meanwhile, a couple of other franchises that also have well-known mascots are Team Delhi’s cartoon Lion mascot known as Leo, and Team Rajasthan’s mascot is also in the form of a Lion that’s known as Moochu Singh.

Photo credit: Alamy