Day 2 of the Virtual Five5 Cricket World Championship 2020 saw some good bowling displays in the simulated reality league cricket tournament on an individual front. Right from Kailash Yadav’s critical over for IND against WI to Rubal Husain’s economical stint for BAN against ENG, the onlookers were treated to some scintillating performances.

That said, we take a look at two of the best bowling performances from the first day of the tournament.

Kailash Yadav vs WI

After winning the toss and electing to bat, WI's hopes of putting together a meaty total were dashed by some fine bowling from IND. Standing out at the forefront of that attack was Kailash Yadav, who dismantled the WI top order, scalping both Caris Gayle and Evin Lewes in the second over.

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Yadav's effort was further padded by an impressive stint from Rajindra Jadeja, who kept Andy Russel from cracking the double-digits and limited WI's score to 52 and set IND up for a successful chase.

Rubal Husain vs ENG

While BAN remain winless in their three games so far into the Virtual Five5 Cricket World Championship 2020, it was for no lack of effort on the part of Rubal Husain. Conceding just two runs, he dismissed Jackson Bairstow and Ian Morgan in the second over.

However, ENG's James Root and Jason Ray persevered to put up a 45-run stand that was a bridge too far for WI to cross, coming up 22 runs short.