A comprehensive overview of the fourth season of the Virtual Cricket Tournament 2020, set to get underway on June 30.

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Tournament overview

The fifth edition of Virtual Cricket Tournament 2020 is all set to kick in motion from June 30, 2020.

Once again, the competition will be played in a round-robin format, comprising seven rounds of competitive action. Each round will host three games, where six simulated teams (AUS, NZ, ENG, IND, PAK, SA) meet each other twice along the way.

The top four teams will qualify for the knockouts on July 3, with the finale to be held later in the day.

Match rules

Each fixture will stick to the traditional 10 wickets per innings but will have the contesting teams playing five overs each.

Powerplay is allotted for one over per innings, with a maximum of three fielders allowed outside the circle. Post the Powerplay over, five players will be allowed outside the circle, five players at leg side, and two players behind square.

Match date and timings

The Virtual Cricket Tournament 2020 Week 5 will be held between June 30-July 3, 2020. The matches will begin at 9 AM IST and end at 1 PM IST. The duration of each fixture will be 40 minutes.

The fixtures list and match scores of completed matches will be recorded and accessible exclusively on SportsAdda.com.

Round Team ATeam BStadiumTime (IST)Date
3SAPAKVirtual Adelaide9:0001-07-20
3NZINDVirtual Adelaide9:4001-07-20
3AUSENGVirtual Adelaide10:2001-07-20
4SAINDVirtual Adelaide11:0001-07-20
4NZENGVirtual Adelaide11:4001-07-20
4AUSPAKVirtual Adelaide12:2001-07-20
5SANZVirtual Perth9:0002-07-20
5INDAUSVirtual Perth9:4002-07-20
5PAKENGVirtual Perth10:2002-07-20
6SAINDVirtual Perth11:0002-07-20
6NZAUSVirtual Perth11:4002-07-20
6PAKENGVirtual Perth12:2002-07-20
7SAENGVirtual Perth9:0003-07-20
7NZAUSVirtual Perth9:4003-07-20
7INDPAKVirtual Perth10:2003-07-20
Semi-final 1  Virtual Perth11:0003-07-20
Semi-final 2  Virtual Perth11:4003-07-20
Finals  Virtual Perth12:2003-07-20

Stream details

Matches of the Virtual Cricket Tournament 2020 can be streamed on the Sportsbet.io website, where you can enjoy live streams of the matches while raising the stakes. Streaming will begin at 9 AM IST every day.