Just seven balls left for West Indies’ batting innings to end. Bangladesh’s Mustafizur Rahman delivers the ball. Oshane Thomas misses. The keeper collects the ball. But, out of nowhere, the bails fall off.

Many a bizarre thing has happened in cricket but hit wicket dismissals have always psyched everyone’s interest over the years. A similar incident took place in the World Cup group stage match between West Indies and Bangladesh on Monday in Taunton.

After the initial bewilderment, when the players and the on-field umpires grasped what had happened, the latter decided to go upstairs to seek a third-umpire review. The replays, nonetheless, stole the show! It revealed Thomas lowering the bat after missing the ball and in the process knocking over the bails and standing as perplexed as the rest of the Bangladeshi players on the field.

However, the aspect that began debates across the cricketing fraternity was why the West Indian was not given an out? Third umpire Paul Wilson ruled out that possibility on the ground that the particular incident happened after he had completed the shot, and hence, was not out as per the laws of the game.

Lord’s Cricket ground also came out in support of the same, throwing further light on the scene.

Though Windies went on to put a solid score of 321/8 on the board for Bangladesh to chase, this amusing incident in the dying minutes of the innings did keep Twitter reeling. Here are some of the best reactions to the entire episode:

Want to watch what actually happened? Click here.

Featured photo courtesy: ICC Cricket World Cup