The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 is all set to begin on June 2 and will continue till June 29 in the United States and West Indies.

The upcoming T20 World Cup will be the ninth edition of the tournament and it will be the biggest one yet with 20 teams participating in the marquee ICC event.

The 20 teams have been divided into five sides of four groups each. Group A features the likes of India, Pakistan, Canada, Ireland, and the United States.

Group B has England, Australia, Namibia, Scotland, and Oman, while New Zealand, West Indies, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, and Uganda are clubbed in Group C.

Meanwhile, Group D is made up of South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Nepal.

Ahead of the start of the T20 World Cup, one of the most intriguing aspects in the leadup to the tournament is how each team reveals their new kits for the tournament.

While not all teams have revealed their jerseys for the T20 World Cup yet, a few sides have and here we take a look at the T20 World Cup 2024 all teams jersey.

T20 World Cup 2024 all teams jersey


Yet to be revealed


In what’s a first at a World Cup event, Australia will be moving away from black kits for T20s and will be donning a green kit instead. Australia’s Asics jersey for T20 World Cup 2024 is similar to the kit used for their 2023-24 home summer. 

It will also be used by them next summer for the 2024-25 season and it features a dark green hue which has an ultra-fine gradient on the top as well as gold underarm sections. Furthermore, its side panels have the Walkabout Wickets artwork which has increased gradually in Australia’s kits since 2016. This transition to all green ends a run of five consecutive T20 World Cup kits that had been mostly black from 2012.


Yet to be revealed


Yet to be revealed


England have soft-launched their official 2024 jersey and this design is being sold by UK’s online retailers despite no official release from the ECB yet. The kit where England won the T20 World Cup in 2022 was mostly red and had black outlines of the design of the three lions. However, that’s changed in their T20 World Cup 2024 jersey design which has a brighter shade of red. 

The blue in England’s 2023 edition kits has been minimized to detail the top of the shoulders as well as sleeve cuffs, and it seems to have a slight pinstripe look. It’s also worth mentioning that the jersey released by England doesn’t feature the T20 World Cup logo and is without the sponsored branding. Their new jersey is also likely to have two stars on top of the three lions logo, which represents their two T20 World Cup wins in 2010 and 2022. 


India’s new T20 kit was launched on May 7 ahead of the 2024 World Cup from June. Produced by Adidas, the version of the kit that India will don in the World Cup will not have their sponsor logo across the front of the kit and will feature the T20 World Cup logo on the right chest instead. While most of the jersey is in their traditional blue, the colour orange is used on the shoulders and sleeves.  

Orange is back for India in 2024! The new T20 playing kit, produced by Adidas, was launched on May 7. This isn't exactly the kit they will wear at the T20 World Cup – that version will have the T20 World Cup logo on the right breast, and there will not be a sponsor logo plastered across the front, but the colour scheme and design will remain the same. India’s new kit looks neat and there’s some nice detailing on it like the tricolor of saffron, white and green around the collar. It also has a gold star above the BCCI logo, which represents India's only T20 World Cup win in 2007.


Yet to be revealed


One of two countries that allowed the design of their T20 World Cup jersey to be chosen through a public competition, Namibia have an easy-on-the-eye kit. They have opted for a sleek and contemporary design that’s riffing on their team emblem, which is the eagle. The dark blue design of the Namibian jersey is well complemented by reddish vectors at the bottom of the kit and three red stripes on the edge of their sleeves.


Nepal released their rhino and Mount Everest-themed playing kit at a press conference in Kathmandu earlier in April. Their jersey is mostly a slightly darkish blue and it is sprinkled with red in places. The bottom of their jersey features the shape of the Everest and the rhino in red, while the collar and the edge of their sleeves also are in red. The shoulders also have a red element in it with the Nepal flag highlighted on it. Lastly, the sides, the name of the country, player names and jersey numbers are in yellow.


Yet to be revealed

New Zealand

New Zealand’s jersey for the T20 World Cup 2024 takes us for a trip down memory lane. Unlike recent times, the Kiwis won’t be donning an all-black jersey for the upcoming T20 World Cup. They will be donning a full teal-coloured jersey design for the upcoming World Cup in what’s a throwback to their 1999 kit. Their striking new teal design also features a faint silhouette of a silver fern leaf across the midriff and on the left leg.


Yet to be revealed


Pakistan perhaps dropped their jersey launch in the most stylish fashion on May 6. They will be donning their traditional dark green for the T20 World Cup but it will feature a design inspired by the sci-fi movie Matrix. Pakistan Matrix Jersey’24 is primarily dark green and showcases a few shades on the abstract geometric pattern. It has a grandad collar in dark green and features a star above the Pakistan Cricket Board logo on the left side to denote Pakistan’s 2009 T20 World Cup triumph.

Papua New Guinea

Yet to be revealed


Yet to be revealed

South Africa

South Africa became one of the first teams to unveil their jersey for the 2024 T20 World Cup when they did so in the final of their domestic T20 competition known as the SA20 in February. The Proteas have gone for a colourful ensemble inspired by their national flag. Their jersey looks like the national flag’s green draped across the shoulders, while a yellow trunk that has a faint Protea flower motif with green sleeves and pants is also present.

Sri Lanka

Yet to be revealed


Similar to Namibia, Uganda conducted a public competition to pick the design for their jersey. The winning design which was picked by Uganda’s cricket board was inspired from the nation’s national bird - the grey-crowned crane. It is bright yellow in colour with black and red feathered designs on its sleeves. 

"Where elegance meets strength, mirroring Uganda's resilient spirit. The bold blend of vibrant colours symolises unity, echoing the national pride. The jersey, with its feather-inspired patterns, pays homage to the majestic crested crane capturing the essence of grace and power," Elijah Mangeni wrote after winning the jersey competition.

United States

Yet to be revealed

West Indies

Yet to be revealed

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