Day one of the fourth Ashes Test was interrupted by bad weather a number of times but it was a beach ball that stole the show.

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Surely if you are the best batsman in the world, you can hit any ball for a boundary, whether it’s the red cherry or the white one. But a certain Steve Smith, the current World No. 1 Test batsman, can also hit a blown-up beach ball to the boundary with just a flick off his wrist.

During the fourth Ashes Test at Old Trafford, Manchester, a blue and white bubbled up beach ball came straight on to the pitch due to strong winds when Steve Smith was batting at 30. Smith gracefully helped the ball towards the rope without any hesitation.

While the spectators enjoyed this light moment in-between a weather struck day of cricket, some cricket fans alongside ICC took on Twitter to add their comments.

Due to the bad weather, only 44 of the scheduled 90 overs could be bowled on Day one, with Australia putting 170 on the scoreboard with three batsmen sent back to the pavilion.

Feature Image Courtesy: AFP/ Paul Ellis