The Indian team may be performing brilliantly and on the cusp of breaking records on the pitch, but off it their cricket administration seems to be in complete disarray. From unjustified selection snubs to infighting amongst members, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) seems to have a lot of problems. 

Mal Fairclough/AFP

A major contributor for this mess has been former chairman N Srinivasan who said recently in an interview with the Times of India that the BCCI is in complete disarray at the moment with him being blamed unjustly for it. 

Speaking to Times of India, he said “There is nobody to take decisions, rules are being changed in domestic cricket to suit personal needs, there are no committees (disciplinary, technical, etc) in place. From what had been a strong administrative policy that the BCCI had put in place, it's all being destroyed slowly. “

Srinivasan also feels that the current BCCI have let their stronghold and authority towards the ICC (International Cricket Council) slip since his stepping down. “While I was in BCCI, I just did my job and if people appreciate it now, I'm happy. I did the same when I went to ICC. For the first time, I got India its due recognition in the committee of nations. Unfortunately, things have been frittered away by subsequent events and people” said Srinivasan.

The India Cements CEO also feels the current Indian cricket administrators are in it for personal gains and not for the betterment of the sport. “We worked very hard to promote the game - from all aspects. We were never there for self-publicity. I was hardly seen on public platforms when I served BCCI. Now, the difference is that there are individuals who are here to see what they can find for themselves. It's more about them and not the game.“