With the second Test between England and Pakistan turning out to be a literal damp squib after a scant 134.3 overs were played over the five whole days at the Ageas Bowl, Joe Root has spoken out to have the ICC review bad light protocols.

"I don't think I have ever seen a game be affected by bad light as much as this. Which is very frustrating. But also the weather as well; it's been very wet throughout the week," said Root.

Day 3 saw no action while Day 4 saw only 10.2 overs, and after the start of play on Day 5 was delayed until 3:15 PM, thanks to overnight rain as well as bad light, the umpires and ground staff came under some criticism for being unable to maximise playtime during the event.

However, Root feels the problem lies at a higher rung of the chain.

"The ground staff have done everything they can to get it dry and thankfully we got some cricket today. I do think it's hard to blame the umpires here. I think there is something bigger that needs looking at, higher up the chain," said Root.

"I'm not sure exactly what the answers are, to be honest. I don't want to comment too much on it. Maybe there has to be a minimum standard of floodlights and play on throughout with a slightly redder ball, a lighter red ball, rather than a dark Dukes ball."

While Root did admit that the second Test presented a 'unique' scenario, it needs to be addressed nonetheless.

"Until those things change from the ICC, the umpires have got to follow the rules in front of them. As players, we just have to do what we are told and I think both teams did that to the best of their ability."

Feature image courtesy: AFP / Glyn Kirk