MS Dhoni continued to show why he's one of the greatest cricketers ever and how his reflexes have not lost the slightest bit of edge. In their match against Kolkata who chose to bat first, Chennai's Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja executed incredible catches each that further added to the already rich exhibition of athletic dexterity and cat-like reflexes characterising the fielding we've seen in the Indian T20 League 2020 so far.

Although the credit for the catch went to Faf du Plessis, it was Jadeja who did the lion's share of the work in what was a tag-team effort to dismiss the potent Sunil Narine on the final ball of the 11th over. Diving at full length, Jadeja made the catch but upon realising he was skirting the boundary cushion, he tossed the ball over to du Plessis.

Then, on the penultimate ball of the final over, Mavi got an edge on a Dwayne Bravo wide slow ball and Dhoni, wearing just one glove, reached out with his ungloved hand but the ball slipped out toward short third man. However, Dhoni ran for it, dove and scooped it up on the rebound in a display of acrobatics that belied his years.

Here are some choice reactions to both men's impressive feats:

Feature image courtesy: / @Chennai